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Our Ambassadors

Meet our Brand Ambassadors!

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Riding unites people from all over the world

Of course we are all part of the riding community, but everyone contributes their own individual part to it.


The different countries of the world are as diverse as its riders. To get to know you better and learn about and cater to the differences and nuances of the different international bike communities, it’s important for us to reach out to you internationally.


This is why we’re cooperating with known figures that represent us in the local communities and give us an impression of what drives you

Ryan Villopoto Yz Backview and his Truck

Our people in the world

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Riders like Tommy Searle, Angelo Pellegrini or Lars van Berkel stand for Backyard Design international and represent us on a global scale. Only thanks to them are we able to hold events worldwide and interact with the people at the track.


We couldn’t do this alone and that’s what makes the biking community so special!



Meet our crew and get to know the people behind Backyard Design!


We’ve compiled an overview of who’s part of our international brand ambassadors and who represents BYD in different countries!

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Josh Hansen

Josh Hansen



Backyard Design UK Brand Ambassador Tommy Searle

Tommy Searle



Backyard Design France Brand Ambassador Florent Richier

Florent Richier

BYD France


Backyard Design Italy Brand Ambassador Angelo Pellegrini

Angelo Pellegrini

BYD Italy


Backyard Design Australia Brand Ambassador Joel Evans

Joel Evans

BYD Australia


Backyard Design Spain Brand Ambassador Jorge Zaragoza

Jorge Zaragoza

BYD Spain


Backyard Design Sweden Brand Ambassador Filip Thuresson

Filip Thuresson

BYD Sweden


Backyard Design South Africa Brand Ambassador Matt Van Galen

Matt van Galen

BYD South Africa


The big plus for you!

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With our international crew we want to get to know you a little better and get a feel for what makes you tick. We want to know what you like and what drives you.


 To give you only the best graphics, we’re giving it our all! We want to assist you in every language and offer you the service you deserve! It’s about going beyond! 

Josh Hansen speaking with Backyard rider Robin Goldammer

A growing dream

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A few years after its founding, Backyard Design is already present in Germany, USA, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa and New Zealand. 


It’s important to us to assist you globally. In 2013, our first facility opened abroad in the USA.


Since then, we’ve expanded to 8 more countries and we’re growing still. We’re spread across four continents and we’re working hard to make customizable and individual graphics available to riders worldwide!

Designs from around the world

Jeffrey Meurs on his Honda on the track
Angelo Pellegrini presenting the Lit Kit Award to Olli Vogel
Josh Hansen, Philipp Klakow and Jared Hicks conversing at the track
Pro Backyard Design Team Rider Sebastien Tortelli adjusting his brake levers
Tommy Searle Cr125 with Orange / Black / White BYD Graphic Kit