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You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.

Factory Neon

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Make a Splash with Honda CR85 Graphics

Despite being an older release, the Honda CR 85 remains a timeless dirt bike choice for teenagers and young adults. However, finding customizable decals for your CR85 plastics can prove to be quite a challenge. Backyard Design is proud to be one of the few design hubs to offer complete personalization and so much more for your CR85 graphics kits.

Motocross is a physically challenging sport that can take a toll on your bike. Even if you only ride for fun, our custom graphics will help keep your bike looking good for years to come. Backyard Design stickers are made of premium vinyl that is so much more than just visually pleasing. 

But why should you invest in one of our CR85 graphics kits for your ride? 

The Perfect Fit for Your CR85 Plastics 

Nothing compares to a high-quality graphic kit when it comes to enhancing your bike’s overall aesthetic. All motorcyclists, even amateurs, share a common passion for their bike and desire that their Honda CR85 always looks its best. Simply cleaning and maintaining a bike isn’t enough to make a splash on the race track.

Riders can easily find decals for every model through our interactive design configurator, including 2003 CR85 graphics. As a starting point for your designs, each template is designed to fit the various components of your bike perfectly. This includes personalized decals for your motorcycle’s number plate, fender, shroud, and swingarm. 

We want to transform you into your own designer, and thus, our online library features unlimited colors, patterns, and unique sponsor logos. Using the 3D viewer, you can arrange them according to your preference to create a bespoke CR85 graphics kit. Additionally, we’ve created Honda factory-inspired templates for those aspiring to look like their riding idols, such as Ken Roczen or Tim Gajser. However, our design experts have more detailed options to help you get started if you want something original. 

You can modify your graphics kit further by adding your name, team number, or graphic elements. Riders whose bikes reflect who they attract more attention and stand out beyond their skills. As a result, our decals can also increase the value of older bikes by giving them a much-needed appearance boost. Fact is, vibrant stickers also elevate rider confidence and performance.

After confirming your order, our team will make sure your selection fits your bike perfectly before generating an instant proof. Then, all it takes is a few days till you can get back on the track and impress spectators. 

No Compromises 

Due to the affordability of Backyard Design CR85 graphics, they are an accessible choice for all riders. Adding a personal touch to the appearance of your bike does not have to break the bank or compromise quality. 

Backyard Design custom decals combine patented MX vinyl, adhesive, and durable laminate for an unparalleled finish. The best bit is there’s no need for professional installation as the high-tech print material we print on guarantees no air bubbles or peeling away. You can update your look as frequently as you like. 

The most apparent advantage of CR85 decal kits is their visual impact. But did you know our decals are also UV resistant? You can also count on them to protect the original plastics and graphics Honda CR85’s features further. This is a great way to prevent scratches and other physical damage for riders who want to go all-out on the track.

For their cost, our well-designed and high-quality CR85 graphics have the potential to amplify your bike ultimately. No matter the style, every rider can find many unique options to fit their aesthetic. 

The Light but Powerful Honda CR85

As an entry-level bike for young racers, the CR85’s powerful engine, advanced long-travel features, and fully adjustable suspension represent Honda’s hallmark reliability. The liquid-cooled, two-stroke 84.7 cc engine is capable of delivering optimal cooling and championship-level power. 

Moreover, you can count on the CR85 for turning performance and ideal absorption with inverted SHOWA front forks and improved rear suspension. The Pro-Link system lets MX riders adjust wheel control. Paired with high-performance disc brakes, the lightweight aluminum body frame allows precise braking and easy maneuvering around corners. 

CR85s have self-cleaning footpegs and seat covers to make maintenance easier and stop young ones from accidentally slipping. The dogleg levers, throttle, shift lever, and grips can be adjusted entirely for even more versatility and control.  

Why not take your dirt bike to a whole new level with bespoke CR85 graphics that assure you always shine through?

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