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MX Graphic Kit Honda CRF450R

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Detailed product description

CRF450R Graphics Kit – Create Your Own Bespoke MX Honda

If you’re serious about your bike, you’ll want to make sure every inch of it is in top condition. This is true for the bike’s exterior, too, as rough-riding can cause significant damage over time. However, we know how difficult finding the right customizable CRF450R graphics kit can be.

Motorbikes are consistently being pushed to their limits, and this flagship Honda model is no different. A complete power package for riders, the CRF450R has unparalleled delivery on the track with features like improved suspension and throttling power. But without CRF 450R graphics, scratches and stains on the body’s framework can be an eyesore.

At Backyard Design, we now offer a full line of Honda CRF450R graphics for your convenience. Our graphic kit configurator gives riders endless possibilities to change the dull look of their motorbike without splurging or worrying about delays.

Personalization Perks: Options for your CRF450R Graphics Kits

Everyone loves things that are made just for them. Similarly, our extensive options for CRF 450 graphics allow you to make your motorbike look more professional and unique. Our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality custom graphics and seat covers for your CRF450R.

Customizing a graphic kit provides you with the opportunity to incorporate subtle details into your design for that special touch. This added individuality will ensure your CRF450R graphics kit is unrivaled!

If you are a Team Honda fan, our graphic kit options include factory-inspired vinyl from Ken Roczen and Tim Gajser. However, for ultimate freedom when it comes to your CRF450R graphics kit, we also have a wide selection of templates, fonts, icons, and color options.

Alternatively, if you have your own logo designs, you can upload them to our graphic kit modifier. This enables you to create an original piece of art or modify existing formats to reflect your individuality.

But don’t worry if you are designing your kit for the first time or are unsure of how to proceed. Our dedicated team can assist you with any questions you might have to help you find your perfect graphics kit!

One Step Further: Protect your Plastics

An important part of your CRF450R graphics kit is the plastic style. Bikers who enjoy riding outdoors on rough terrain understand the importance of high-quality graphics to protect their plastics.

Aside from their cutting-edge aesthetics, high-quality graphics also prolong your plastics longevity. Plastics are lightweight, strong, and can be painted in any color you’d like. Paired with sturdy plastics, our durable vinyl stickers prevent damage to your motorbike and keep flying dirt and debris away from sensitive parts. This also results in better performance and airflow.

You can change the color of your number plate, fork guard, and fender graphics For Honda CRF450 motorbikes released between 2013 and 2016, our selection features templates for the Acerbis Raptor plate, FMF single side plate, Cycra Powerflow, and number plate, amongst more!

Later models such as the 2019 CRF450R feature changes in their bodywork; thus, each template varies. It’s crucial to double-check which is suitable for your CRF 450 graphics kit. 

Switch up the Seats

Seat covers are a great way to boost comfort and tie the individual elements of your CRF450R graphics kit together. Adding a cover also increases the lifespan of your original seat by shielding it from dirt and damage. Did you know our optimized grip seat covers feature lateral ribs to prevent you from slipping during your ride?

The Backyard Design graphic kit tool has several seat cover options to choose from. We want to help make your bike look and feel better as you set off on your next adventure. You can also look forward to additional features like numbers and lettering on our platform.

Get Customizing with Backyard Design

To ensure you stand out, CRF 450 graphics and customization are a great option. Working with a professional provider like Backyard design ensures your stickers and seat covers fit your desired motorbike model. Our team of design experts will help you make a strong impression on the track.

There are no design restrictions! Feel free to create any design that packs a punch of fun into your CRF450R graphics kit.

The Honda CRF450R – What Champions are Made of

Known as one of the best motocross bikes on the market, the CRF450R produces instant power. Due to its exclusive Unicam architecture and chassis, riders can complete any objective from railing corners to rhythm sections with precision. This performance is further backed up by advanced Showa suspension and HRC launch control for superior handling.

Newer models of the Honda CRF450R include upgraded bodywork, hydraulics, and exhaust features. Some newer motorbikes also have electric starting, cleaner transmission, and flexible head stays. Paying homage to its brand colors, the Honda CRF450R is available in red, and its slimmer bodywork allows riders to maneuver corners better.

However, the monotonous color can prevent the power-packed CRF450R from standing out. A CRF450R graphics kit can put your motocross bike into the spotlight!

Reviews from our riders

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Josh Grant
Josh Grant
Rider since 2020

"If you're searching for a set of fully customizable graphics look no further. The online configurator offers limitless possibilities and the widest selection of options to design your kits down to the smallest details. "

Black and White image of Josh Hansen
Josh Hansen
Teamrider since 2018

"I've always enjoyed working with Backyard Design. These guys are amazing at coming up with creative and original ideas and we've created tons of incredible designs together. Definitely the #1 choice for style! "

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Jake Weimer
Jake Weimer
Rider since 2020

"Best fitting graphics I've ever used! No need for any cutting or stretching the graphics and they stick perfectly. Make sure to properly activate the adhesive with a heat gun when installing. Same goes for removal or you might need a second set of strong arms to get them off. "

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Ryan Villopoto
Ryan Villopoto
Rider since 2019

"Backyard graphics are made of seriously solid stuff. Most durable and solid graphics I ever rode and I can't even imagine riding anything else anymore! "

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We’ve constantly developed since Backyard was founded in 2011 – both as a company and a community. To offer you the fastest turnaround and highest quality graphics we frequently optimize our production process. Have you ever wondered how custom motorcycle decals are actually made? Take a peek!

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Whether your heart beats for the feel of the open road or riding in the dirt we bid you welcome! Take a journey with us to discover the roots of Backyard Design!  Past pro rider Philipp Klakow has taken his passion for motocross beyond the track and founded Backyard Design to share his love for bike designs with the world.