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Factory Neon

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Husaberg Graphics – Custom-Made for your FE/ FX Enduro

The Husaberg FX and FE four-stroke is considered an off-road beast for cross country racing experts. This form of motocross is a great way to explore some of your favorite destinations while discovering scenery. However, after extensive journeys and bumpy landscapes, your bike may show signs of wear. 

A customized Husaberg graphics kit from Backyard Design is the ultimate way to enhance your FE/ FX dirt bike. Meticulously handcrafted to complement your two-wheeler, our decals and stickers can be tailored down to the detail. This way, riders can feel free to experiment and get as creative as possible.   

Industry-Leading Standards 

A Husaberg graphics kit is a valuable accessory for upkeeping enduro models like the FE and FX bikes. Our decals can instantly transform the aesthetic of your cross-country machine. This makes them an eye-catching yet affordable investment in your racing career. However, your plastics do not only improve in terms of their looks, as Backyard Design stickers are designed to do so much more.  

In terms of quality and accessibility, there are no concessions. We only use the highest quality materials and state of the art technology to make premium decals worthy of world championships. Our pliable vinyl is UV resistant and waterproof, laminated with thick protection. As a result, a Backyard Design graphic kit will never fade or peel off while on a motocross track

Moreover, our stickers offer additional durability for your factory plastics. To protect areas that are more prone to damage, such as the fenders, fork guards, and swing arm of the Husaberg FE or FX, you can count on our vinyl. You can create personalized graphics that prevent physical damage, such as dents and scratches. 

Despite our top-notch standards, we want to ensure all riders have access to customization options. This is why you can find affordable Husaberg graphics in our database that can be personalized to your liking without breaking the bank. Our team of MX experts thoroughly checks every design and generates an accurate preview before printing.

Paired with record shipping and unlimited options, Backyard Design will ensure you take the spotlight without any hassle. 

An Endless Selection of Husaberg Graphics 

If you want to uphaul your dedicated country cross model from Husaberg, the best way to make an impact and leave a lasting impression is through your customizations. Rather than simply helping you reach the end of your journey, your enduro bike can represent who you are. Our graphics are compatible with Husaberg FE 450, 300, 250, and 200 models from 2010 to 2014. 

By adding a unique combination of colors, gradients, and patterns, you can outshine your competition even if you don’t take home a trophy at the end of the day. Our library also features over 2000 official sponsor logos that can be adorned on your number plates or other plastics for an intricate touch. Furthermore, professionals can add their names or number to their bikes to attract spectators and sponsors. 

Our cutting-edge modifier is easy to use and caters to riders of all levels. Our modification interface has been optimized with various tools and a user-friendly interface to produce a stellar Husaberg graphics kit. For the FE/ FX model range, our in-house MX professionals have handcrafted a variety of pro-league and original templates. These presets can help you get started with your customizations. 

When you are ready to switch up your appearance, our tough glue eliminates the risk of residue or stains. Moreover, thanks to air-bubble release mechanisms, our Husaberg graphics can be flawlessly installed in the comfort of your garage. 

Four-Stroke Engineering for Winners 

With a Husaberg FE or FX motocross bike by your side, you can count on the brand’s trademark technology and bodywork. The Husaberg four-stroke range comes with a SOHC enduro engine developed for the highest endurance level in a small size. For example, the Husaberg FX 450 with a 448.6cc engine specifically for jumps of all types of closed course off road adventures. 

The Keihin engine management system and fuel tank optimize airflow and performance by regulating temperature and choke. In addition, the electric start and adapted 6-speed gearbox combine the best of acceleration and off-road handling to overcome the anticipated bumps of any motocross track.

Uncompromising on its damping, the range also has a WP closed cartridge USD fork and PDS shock for higher resistance and damping performance. The suspension settings on these bikes can be adjusted for long-haul cross-country rides. A catchy way of uplifting the blue and yellow factory Husaberg graphics is with our customized decals! 

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