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Design your own MX Graphic Kit Husqvarna FC350 2019-2022 yourself now.
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You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.


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FC 350 Graphics – Showcase your Creativity with Bespoke Decals

Husqvarna FC 350 models fuse the agility of a 250cc engine with 450cc horsepower. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, the easiest way to ensure all eyes are on your bike is with premium FC 350 graphics from Backyard Design. Our motocross design library has an assortment of designs to help you create any aesthetic you like.

At Backyard Design, we hope to empower you to become your designer without breaking the bank. Thus, our user-friendly online modifier has everything you need to create affordable dirt bike graphics that gives spectators a taste of FC350 fierceness. So, if you’re ready to represent your passion for biking, Backyard Design has a graphic kit for you! 

Custom-Made FC 350 Graphics

If you’re striving to maintain the highest standards even if you don’t compete, there is no better way to upkeep the appearance of your FC350 than with customizable graphics. Our stickers not only make your bike visually striking but also give spectators and sponsors insight into who you are. Whatever your objective or message may be, you can tailor your decals to the smallest detail. 

The Backyard Design configurator currently displays over 2000 unique design elements, sponsor logos, and fonts to personalize your stickers with. Through real-time view, you can layer stickers onto the rims, swingarm, fork guards, number plates, and other plastic parts of your Husqvarna FC350. Why not make your bike more distinctive with your rider number or name? Choose from a selection of racing fonts to help you add a personal touch.

Our self-developed templates are the perfect starting point for your FC 350 graphics as they always guarantee a perfect fit. Our made-to-order selection has something in-store for all riders. Whether you want to look like the pros or innovate something from scratch. Feel free to let your creativity flow and get as imaginative as you’d like, as our team will take care of the technicalities for you. You can also add a matching ribbed seat cover from our online store to further elevate your aesthetic game. 

After order confirmation, every design is double-checked to ensure all your specifications match up. Our high-tech printers and premium ink make it possible to create vibrant, long-lasting decals that reach your doorstep in record time. You’ll be ready to overshadow the competition with Backyard Design FC 350 graphics that stimulate your self-esteem.  

Prolong your Factory Plastics with Decals

Customizable stickers for your Husqvarna FC 350 are highly adaptable and can be used for all kinds of creative uses. However, our decals are not only visually appealing. Every Backyard Design graphic kit is made from top-of-the-line vinyl with flexible properties. This makes it possible to apply your decals to your bike without the need for any assistance with installation. Moreover, our durable vinyl is tough enough to withstand regular abrasion and scratches, guarding your FC350 plastics from damage. 

Since we are fans of biking ourselves, we understand all your needs as a rider. Therefore, our specialized FC 350 graphics are designed with weather resistance in mind. You can count on Backyard Design’s UV-protectant finish for vibrant and eye-catching decals. 

Furthermore, did you know our stickers give you the freedom to modify your aesthetic whenever you like? Despite its tough adhesive, you can safely remove our decals by peeling them off without residue. As a result, you never have to fret over scrubbing away at glue or staying committed to a look that no longer reflects your goals.   

Backyard Design is a top choice among riders because of our color-match and precision vinyl cutting technology. If you’re aiming to let your imagination loose, our vinyl stickers are your go-to. Additionally, each decal is cut to fit your bike requirements, and you can find designs that are compatible with UFO, Polisport, or Acerbis plastics. 

Why We Love the FC350

The Husqvarna FC 350 is known for its versatility because of its advanced smart traction and launch control. The FC350’s lightweight 350cc engine, improved with DOHC cylinder heads, delivers exceptional power that can be relied on. Both the interchangeable TWIN air filter and airbox cover can be replaced for precise throttle response depending on your preferences to reduce drag and optimize airflow. 

The carbon fiber frame paired with simple white and blue bodywork is tailored for exceptional ergonomics and comfort so that riders can move around seamlessly. Similarly, the map switch and KEIHIN EMS analyze rider input for maximum traction and efficient fuel consumption. 

Not to mention the BREMBO hydraulic and WP XACT suspension systems compensate for all riding conditions. A Backyard Design graphic kit is all you need to polish off your Husqvarna FC 350 and get ahead of the competition!

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