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FC 450 Graphics – Establish your Rider Identity with Tailored Kits

Regarded as the pinnacle of advanced engineering techniques, the Husqvarna FC 450 delivers massive 450cc acceleration, handling, and maneuvering. All bikers desire to make a big impression on the track, especially with a powerhouse like the FC 450. However, your striking MX could go unnoticed in a flock of other dirt bike models. 

Your bike requires much more than just cleaning and essential maintenance to leave your mark amongst the competition. A more exciting way to put yourself out there is with our exclusive selection of eye-catching FC 450 graphics that will instantly give your bike a whole new look. So, if you’re ready to kick off your creativity and design your graphic kit, Backyard Design is your ultimate solution.

Brighten up Your Ride with Custom FC 450 Graphics 

First and foremost, the most obvious benefit of adding an entirely or semi custom graphic kit to your FC450 is enhancing its aesthetic. Our high quality decals are designed to be bright and eye-catching no matter where you ride. Available in various themes and designs, riders can personalize any of our premade templates to suit their needs. 

To improve your experience on our website and fire up your creativity, our MX designers have hand-crafted several presets. You can browse through an assortment of pro-inspired and exclusive designs as the basis of your graphics or design something entirely from scratch; the choice is entirely yours! 

Every Backyard Design graphic kit includes decals for the fork guards, fenders, and other plastic parts of your Husqvarna FC. Riders can also add elaborate detailing to their number plate or represent their team with their name and rider number. Our online modifier has over 2000 color combinations, fonts, and sponsor logos that can be arranged however you like through 3D view so that what you see is what you get. 

You can depend on Backyard Design for FC 450 graphics that fit your Husqvarna motocross like a glove. Before printing your decals, our designers will recheck all specifications to guarantee everything lines up. However, did you know you can uplift your bike even further? 

A ribbed seat cover is a perfect accessory to supplement your graphics. The Backyard Design store has a plethora of premium-grade ribbed covers that match up to the rest of your aesthetic and reduce slipping for added comfort. You can also find stickers for your FC 450 Acerbis, Polisport, and UFO kits in our database. 

Top of the Line Quality for All 

Backyard Design’s mission is to make personalization a possibility for everyone. Regardless of your budget or experience, our straightforward modifier caters to all your motocross requirements under one roof. But our priority remains to deliver top-notch quality, so you never have to worry about looking sloppy or unpolished. 

Fact is, our decals play a significant role in protecting your FC450 factory plastics. Owing to industry-leading materials such as our heavy-duty vinyl, our stickers will last for years to come. Coupled with UV-resistant glossy laminate coating, Backyard Design graphics can withstand the demands of any riding condition while preventing scratches. The resilient finish also prevents fading, so you never have to worry about a dull-looking bike. 

After completing the ordering process, your design will be sent to our experts to be made to order. Only once you approve the final preview do we begin printing. You’ll be ready to dominate the track once again with an updated look to boost your self-esteem within record time. 

The best bit is that our stickers are individually cut and feature air-bubble release so you can layer them on your kit at home. Without any professional help, anyone can install their graphics at home! Removing or replacing your graphic kit is also easy due to our powerful adhesion that leaves no residue behind when peeled off. 

FC 450 graphic kits are a commitment-free means of giving your bike a much-needed facelift. Our wide variety of stickers delivers everything you need to create a streamlined yet eye-catching look that makes a statement. 

Take Control of the Track with Husqvarna FC 450s

The Husqvarna FC 450 is a comprehensive package with a balance of plenty of horsepower and a reliable chassis. Because of its ergonomic design and high-tech electronic features, the legendary bike has achieved outstanding results in professional supercross and motocross competitions.

Starting with the engine, the FC450 uses a compact SOHC cylinder head located close to the bike’s center of gravity for precise torque and throttle response. The dirt bike is also equipped with CNC triple clamps, advanced BREMBO hydraulics, and DDC clutch. These features have proven reliability, handling, and stability so that you can ride for longer without the need for maintenance. 

The WP XACT suspension uses a 48mm air fork that can be adjusted for peak pressure as per your preferences. Moreover, the Keihin electronic management system and map switch has been adapted for easy operation and traction control. Standard models of the FC450 feature the brand’s trademark blue and white graphics; however, the FC 450 Rockstar Edition is adorned with the energy drink’s bold gold bodywork. 

If you’re unsure where to begin or which FC 450 graphics kit best suits your needs, get in touch with us! At Backyard Design, we have hands-on experience with motocross which helps us make your vision a reality. 

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