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You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.


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TC 250 Graphics – Customizable Kits that Represent your Style

Husqvarna has been on a two-stroke power delivery journey for a long time with its flagship TC250 range. The 250cc dirt bikes have retained their head-turning performance and ultra-modern looks. However, the monochrome bodywork is not bold enough to make an objective statement and captivate spectators. 

An affordable and quick fix to boost your self-confidence and set you apart is adding a premium TC 250 graphics kit to your bike. Through vibrant artwork and text, Backyard Design gives riders the opportunity to personalize their Husqvarna TC and put on a show! We have an MX graphics kit to match any rider preference if you’re ready to impress and leave your mark on the track. 

Stand the Test of Time with our TC250 MX Graphics

Backyard Design stickers were engineered for motocross. The durable and special vinyl composition allows our TC 250 graphics to remain secure and wrinkle-free. Thus, there are many reasons to invest in MX graphics beyond their eye-catching visuals. 

Off-road biking on a TC 250 puts to test rider skill and endurance. However, your bike can also take quite a beating and end up scratched. Our high-quality vinyl resists abrasion and has a built-in UV protectant glossy coating to prevent fading. Furthermore, this reduces general wear and tear from regular use. 

The air-duct adhesive lets DIY installers get a seamless application at home. Even amateurs can easily place their customized TC 250 graphics onto their bikes in the comfort of their garage or yard. Furthermore, we’ve reduced the hassle of glue residue with our adhesive. The easy peeling stickers will come off without any surface damage when you are ready to replace your vinyl.  

TC 250 Graphics Built for Fun 

If you own a Husqvarna TC 250, you likely spend a lot of time out on the racetracks riding it. So why not restyle your two-wheeler and skip the mess of painting with dynamic, custom TC 250 graphics? Our 3D modifier and extensive artwork database can improve your experience even if you have never designed before. We want to give you the means to become your designer. 

We have over 2000 color choices, logos, and fonts for you to play around with for ultimate customization. With real-time preview and a user-friendly interface, you get a say in every detail of your graphic kit. For example, have you always wanted to add your name or racer number to your bike? Personalize your number plate decals with our designs! Our kits also include decals for the shroud, swing arm, fork guards, and other plastics of their bike. 

Many motocross enthusiasts want to create intricate TC 250 graphics that portray their love for biking. Thus, our expert-crafted templates are inspired by professional riders to help you look like a champion. Don’t worry if you want to tailor down to the nitty-gritty, as our design studio lets you control every part of the look. 

In addition to MX graphics, our online store has a selection of ribbed, ultra-comfortable seat covers ideal for long journeys. You can match up from a selection of preset colors and patterns for a professional aesthetic that looks polished. Our templates are compatible with TC250 plastics and accessories from UFO, Polisport, and Acerbis to save you time. 

We deliver within record time and prices thanks to our state-of-the-art pigment dyes and printers. Before you know it, our TC 250 graphics will let you achieve the look you deserve, no matter your taste.

A Two-Stroke Sensation 

The Husqvarna TC 250 is a top choice for intermediate and weekend riders. With a comfortable 250cc two stroke engine, it delivers the latest in motocross electronics and power output. For balance and agility, the die-cast crankcases are lightweight and take into consideration the bike’s gravitation center. 

Completed with advanced WP XACT rear air fork and front suspension, the rebound settings can be adjusted for optimal response. In addition, the updated air pressure pump design also provides rebound and compression.  

The BREMBO hydraulic and DDS clutch systems increase traction control and reliability. The 38mm MIKUNI TMX results in smooth control and performance. You can ride for countless hours through any track type without fretting over falling behind. 

With stellar graphics Husqvarna body frames can be taken to a whole new level. The standard blue and white mold detailing on the TC250 represents the brand’s iconic Swedish heritage. Design your own graphic kit through the Backyard Design studio to complement the refined ergonomics and laser engraved Dunlop MX33 tires of the TC 250. 

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