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KLX 110 Graphics – Design a One of a Kind Custom Kit

Riding a bike is an unforgettable part of childhood. However, dirt bikes take the thrill to another level. Has your child been asking for a dirt bike? If yes, the Kawasaki KLX 110 is the ultimate pit bike choice for kids and young adults, regardless of age.

With its compact 112cc engine and chassis, the KLX 110 prioritizes both safety and adventure. So, whether your child wants to ride around your backyard, hit the trail, or park, a custom KLX 110 is a versatile choice that can handle any adventure.

At Backyard Design, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all your motocross graphics needs. Thus, our wide range of customization options let you upgrade the excitement of your child’s KLX 110. A Kawasaki KLX 110 featuring a bespoke graphic kit is a fun way to let your child explore motocross while expressing their unique personality!

Combining Motocross and Graphics 

Every biker wants a unique feel to their ride that makes it their own. Children and teenagers are no different. If you’re looking to customize KLX 110 graphics, you’ve come to the right place. Trick out your custom KLX 110 with a detailed graphic kit complete with your name, colors, and other design elements of choice.

We love making motocross vehicles look cool with graphics and other customization options. You can create almost anything you can imagine through the Backyard Design graphic kit designer. Take all the time you need to select from the various shroud, fender, and number plate sticker options to complete your custom KLX 110 graphics.

Each graphic kit can be customized down to the tiniest details. Aside from aesthetic elements, you can also select between a glossy or matte finish through our design interface. However, we never compromise on quality.

Our custom KLX 110 graphics are made from top-of-the-line vinyl featuring air bubble release technology and superior adhesion. Finished with a thick, high-quality laminate, the Backyard Design KLX 110 graphics ensure durability and peak performance. It doesn’t matter how adventurous you get; your graphic kit will remain scratch-free and vibrant over time.

No matter the extent of customization, our inexpensive and accessible KLX 110 stickers have something for everyone. Our graphic professionals draft all custom designs for better quality control and guarantee a perfect fit. Then, after you approve the design, it only takes a few days till your custom KLX 110 graphics are at your door.

Age is Just a Number – Express Yourself with Your Ride 

What can be a better way to showcase your child’s personality than through irresistible Custom KLX 110 graphics? Backyard Design strives to encourage originality and creativity while keeping quality, delivery times, and prices at par. This way everyone can enjoy custom vinyl for their bike without breaking the bank or compromising on the end result. Complete your look with one of our Backyard gripper seat covers!

Our customizable graphic kit options are easy to install and fulfill even the most particular requirements. No matter how rough the terrain or how daring the rider is, you can be sure that Backyard Design KLX 110 graphics will remain bright, resilient, and withstand frequent wear and tear!

The KLX 110 Pit Bike for All Ages 

The Kawasaki KLX 110 isn’t just for adrenaline fanatics, adventure, or photography. Riding a pit bike like the KLX 110 has numerous advantages, especially for teenagers and children. These include increasing physical activity, encouraging family activities, and sportsmanship.

Additionally, riding a pit bike will help your young one learn about responsibility, self-control, and respect. Due to road safety concerns, most parents are skeptical. But, don’t worry, as the Kawasaki KLX 110 is up for the task as it was created for off-road use in controlled spaces. Powered by a 112cc four-stroke engine and 4-speed transmission, the KLX 110 for peak performance for young riders.

Furthermore, a custom KLX 110 features an easy electric start and automatic clutch for added user-friendliness. As a result, your child should have no trouble getting started without flying off or flipping the bike.

The low center of gravity and 26.8-inch seat height makes it ideal for the whole family to ride. The KLX 110 also features a configured hydraulic system, telescopic fork, and shock absorber for a smooth and stable ride.

Designed around a steel frame, the off-road dirt bike boasts a lightweight body. However, the design is only available in race-track-inspired lime green bodywork. The limited color options are its only drawback. However, you can easily add to the visual appeal of your pit bike with our custom KLX 110 graphics kit and make your ride shine!

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