Design your MX Graphic Kit Kawasaki KX 125

Design your own MX Graphic Kit Kawasaki KX 125 2003-2008 yourself now.
Choose one of our base designs to get started with and customize it the way you like it.
You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.

Stripes Neon

Fits your:MX Graphic Kit Kawasaki KX 125 2003-2008
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  • Highest quality in moto
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You will be able to customize every aspect starting with the design shown.
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Enhance Your Kawasaki’s Appeal with Our KX 125 Graphics 

Kawasakis are meant to lead on the track. Who wouldn’t recognize a dirt bike that’s at the top of its game? It is your responsibility to maintain your bike’s physical looks and impression. This is because they live up to their performance and championship legacy.  So, what better way to enhance its appeal than premium grade KX 125 graphics? 

Churn your creative skills with the most diverse customization through the Backyard Design configurator. Our KX 125 graphics will leave you astonished regardless of the KX model you own!

But, why get stickers for your two-wheeler?

Our Decals Offer So Much More Than Looks

Well, firstly, what we have created is beyond typical stickers. Backyard Design KX 125 graphics and decals are made of premium quality vinyl. Besides the aesthetic appeal, they are the best protection you can offer your Kawasaki KX125 plastics.

Motocrossing on even the roughest of tracks won’t be a challenge once you install your personalized graphics kits. Most of this protection owes to the state of the art vinyl, adhesive and lamination that constitutes them.

Another perk of our decals is that you don’t require a team of professionals to install them. The KX 125 decals are user-friendly and even beginners can take on the task. Our vinyl guarantees a professional finish that layers your bike’s surface smoothly, without any air bubbles or peeling. 

Nevertheless, please check the model number and year of your Kawasaki to ensure your decals fit perfectly. 

Backyard Design stickers are not too thin to wear off or scratch easily, nor too thick to catch debris. This optimum width also maintains its no-residue quality. Therefore, when you finally decide to get rid of them, the job is easy. No mindless scraping to remove residue adhesive.

You won’t have to worry about fading either while the decals are on your dirt bike. The high-quality Backyard Design offers will last for years to come with their extra durable finishing. Every graphic kit contains decals for the rear fender, front fender, swingarms, airbox, number plates and shrouds. This way, you can cover all the essential elements of your dirt bike.

Now let’s get to the exciting decals customization. You can start your graphics kit by selecting a base design, and then get creative along the way. The best thing about Backyard Design’s graphic tool is you can redesign, customize, and innovate each and everything. From colors, to logos to detailed designs, you name it and we’ll help you personalize it.

You can add anything from your personal information to name or race numbers. With hundreds of professionally designed logos, graphics and typography to choose from, the options are limitless. This is what makes customizing with us such an exhilarating activity.

By the end of your creative spree, the Kawasaki KX125 will be a dirt bike version of you. If you want to become one with your bike on the track, customizing it to represent you is a great option.

Once your designs are ready, we send you an instant-proof to check and approve them before we get printing. This way you can make any final edits in due time. Our skilled team will prepare and send off your graphic kit within two days. You should receive your professionally cut custom decals at your door-step in no time.

Kawasaki Wins Hearts with The KX 125 

Kawasaki isn’t just a brand, it is a legacy of high performing two-wheelers. The Kawasaki KX125 lives up to the name thanks to its water-cooled, two-stroke engine and efficient suspension system. In fact, the front and rear disc brakes are what gives you ultimate control over the swift ride.

The lightweight bike features adequate low and moderate torque with profound output and acceleration. Additionally, it can hold more than eight liters of fuel. You can cruise for long distances with optimum comfort with the KX 125 with its ergonomic seat and fuel frame. 

With this dapper ride by your side, you’ll be cruising in confidence no matter where you go. Don’t wait and upgrade your Kwasaki’s looks for a game-changing ride with one of our graphics kits! 

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