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You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.

Factory Neon

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Get Noticed with Custom Kawasaki KX65 Graphics


For children who are familiarized with the riding basics, the Kawasaki KX65 dirt bike remains a top choice to develop their motocross skills further. Why not ensure your little one stands out among friends and competitors on the track with a customized KX65 graphics kit from Backyard Design?


As a long time  supplier of premium custom graphics, we can help you personalize your Kawasaki KX to represent your uniqueness. Our user-friendly design configurator features options for all models of the KX 65, including 2000 to 2022 Kawasaki graphics, to help you stay up-to-date. Personalizing your dirt bike has never been simpler.


Sophistication and Durability with KX65 Graphics


All passionate motocross riders share one thing in common; they love a bike that looks as good as it performs. Adding a custom look to your bike doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or costly process with a Backyard Design graphic kit. Our design library features a wide selection of fonts, sponsor logos, and other graphic elements to create your own distinct aesthetic.


Whether you’re looking for a factory look or something more tailor-made, our extensive range of professionally designed templates can help you get started. If you’re part of a team, you can add your rider name or number to your KX 65 and set an unforgettable, lasting impression. Paired with our impeccable color-match and printing technology, we provide our customers with a level of quality they won’t find elsewhere.


Backyard Design stickers are made with specially engineered vinyl, adhesive, and lamination to ensure durability and resistance. A KX65 graphics kit doesn’t just look great. In fact, our decals act as additional protection, reducing the risk of wear and tear, scratches and dents over time. As a result, riders can feel confident as they ride through rough terrain without worrying about damaging their plastic parts.


Like all Backyard Design graphics, our KX 65 decals were designed to last. You can easily install our stickers at home without professional help and easily remove air pockets when applying them thanks to our innovative vinyl design. Furthermore, when your child outgrows their graphic kit, you can wipe the slate clean by simply peeling off the stickers. No need to worry about glue residue or vigorous scraping.


There’s no reason to look any further for ways to upgrade your KX65 dirt bike. Every kit comes with decals for the  shrouds, fenders, number plates, fork guards and swing arms. Additionally, you can find options compatible with Acerbis, UFO, and Polisport KX 65 plastic kits. But did you know you can customize your graphic kit even further?


Take it Up a Notch Further


At Backyard Design, we understand the importance of tailoring it down to the details. Once you are happy with the 3D preview of your graphic kit design, the Backyard Design team will take a second look to ensure you get the perfect fit. We’re always happy to assist should you want any modifications made or should you ever have questions about your product. Our instant proof ensures you receive exactly what you had designed on our configurator for your KX 65.


After you confirm your order, your MX KX65 graphics will reach your doorstep within record time. All you have to do is install them and head back to the track to show off your all-new and improved bike appearance. So, are you ready to let your creative juices take the lead?


Getting Started with a Kawasaki KX 65


Motocross and dirt biking is a sport that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. The Kawasaki KX 65 is the ideal entry-level motorbike for young racers between 7 and 10 years. The bike’s proven reliability and agility allow riders to improve their skills and reveal their inner champion, lap after lap.


Renowned for unparalleled performance, the KX 65 features a two-stroke, liquid-cooled 64cc engine that delivers ample power and quick throttle response. Paired with a six-speed transmission, 33mm adjustable damping, and Uni-Trak link-mounted shock damping, the compact dirt bike provides enough energy for aspiring racers to satisfy their needs.


As a result of its innovative front and rear disc brakes, your growing rider will experience more secure and responsive braking. Furthermore, the steel frame and lowered seat height guarantee ergonomic performance and comfort. Therefore, the KX65 is a solid foundation for riders to learn and develop their motocross abilities.


It’s time to get moving and elevate the bright green Kawasaki KX with Backyard Design KX65 graphics to make it your own!

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