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 Professionally Designed KX85 Graphics 

Your child may not be able to ride a professional circuit bike, but you can customize their KX85 graphics to look like it belongs on the team. Aimed at young riders over ten years old, the KX 85 motorcycle brings its proven performance to amateurs. An easy upgrade for a Kawasaki 85 dirt bike is a high-quality decal kit that reflects your kid’s passion for riding. 

Run by a team of motocross enthusiasts, Backyard Design aims to make sure our customer’s design dreams are fulfilled. Regardless of their age, our graphics grant young racers the championship-winning advantage they need to sharpen their abilities by encouraging them to ride more. Moreover, you can find numerous design options on our modifier to create something truly unique!

Leave a Mark with KX 85 Custom Graphics

Athletes enjoy the exhilaration and thrill that comes with riding a bike. Newcomers are often drawn to the sport due to the fact that these bikes are made for rough and hilly terrain. However, the visual appeal of bright and colorful dirt bike graphics catches people’s attention.

Aside from the fact that a KX 85 graphics kit will leave a lasting impression, they are an excellent opportunity for your child to explore their creativity. You can help them select from a wide variety of championship inspired styling to match their personality. Our database also includes hundreds of brand logos and typefaces. Adding your little one’s name, team number, or riding idols to the graphic kit gives it a personal touch; reinforcing the bike is their responsibility.

At Backyard Design, you can also find KX 85 graphics compatible with Acerbis, UFO, and Polisport plastics. This includes stickers to fit the shroud, fenders, fork guard, and number plates of the original body. 

Our KX 85 custom graphics are designed by experts and are made with advanced vinyl, adhesive, and lamination for the best quality at affordable prices. We can create kits for different models from 1998 and we always work hard to have the latest releases available. Therefore, please check the model year when placing an order.

Once you like what you see on our 3D viewer, our team will ensure the sizing is accurate by sending you a design proof for approval. Then, it only takes a few days till your young one is set to ride off. Please note delivery times may vary per model and customizations. 

Graphic Kits are Important 

While the most obvious advantage of a KX 85 graphics kit is to enhance its visual appeal, our decals also increase durability. A Kawasaki 85 dirt bike can withstand significant damage when used on a regular basis. With UV and weather resistance, you can count on your vinyl to stay in place for many years to come. Installing a customized graphic kit also provides scratch protection and long-term wear and tear from debris or stones. 

Children outgrow their bikes or get bored of their looks pretty quickly. If you want to change the look of your dirt bike graphics, you can peel them off at any time. Instead of going to a shop or garage, you can install and remove a KX 85 graphics kit yourself in no time and still get a perfect fit. Furthermore, a well-maintained bike with decals can help you with reselling at a later time. 

If your child has plans to progress towards a professional riding career, KX 85 graphics can help attract sponsors and the right kind of attention. It takes time and effort for children to sharpen their skills on the track, but the positive value of practicing is reinforced in other aspects of their lives. A KX 85 graphics kit is a great investment for any new rider!

Trophy-Ready with the Kawasaki KX85 

Kawasaki KX 85 dirt bikes are one of the most popular two-stroke 84cc engine motocross vehicles since their release in the ‘90s. The improved radiator shroud design results in increased cooling performance, delivering smooth and snappy power. With a long track record of dependability, racers have six-speed transmission options to learn shifting on. 

The adjustable compression damping and Dunlop MX33 tires ensure durability, grip, and slide control when on bumpy roads. Moreover, the flexible KYB shock unit in the rear suspension wheel travel makes suspension and absorption more precise. The Ergo Fit system includes radiator shrouds and adjustable handlebar mounts to accommodate more riders if the height is an issue. 

In 2022, Kawasaki Motors Corp USA introduced new transitions between its body frame parts such as two-tone seat covers, green number plates, and aluminum wheels. Finished off with the signature Kawasaki 3 green lines, this motocross bike features race-ready engineering aimed at younger riders. 

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