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KTM 125 EXC – Deliver the Best of Your Bike with Custom Graphics

The 125 EXC is renowned for full-size Cross-Country performance in a compact size. To help set you apart from the crowd, no dirt bike is complete without custom decals. No matter your design goals, Backyard Design can help you create a high quality and vibrant KTM EXC 125 graphics kit at an affordable price! 

Whether your teenager wants to look like their favorite KTM professional rider or create something from scratch, our large variety of graphic kit options has something for everyone. So, if you’re ready to get creative and transform your KTM 125 into a work of art, Backyard Design is here to help make your dreams a reality. 

Unleash Your Creativity 

At Backyard Design, we want to help you take control of the design process so that creating your own KTM 125 graphics is accessible. Our online modifier tool is the ultimate spot to get started, featuring over 2000 unique logos, fonts, and color combinations. Riders can select one of our hand-crafted templates as a starting point or design individual stickers for specific bike parts; the choice is entirely theirs. 

Every dirt bike graphics kit we print includes stickers for the shroud, fork guards, swingarm, and fenders of your KTM 125 EXC. Thanks to our 3D live preview, you can adjust the placement and design in real time. We recommend adding intricate detailing like your name and team number to the number plate stickers for a personal touch. 

We print all our decals on premium-grade vinyl using industry-leading ink. Each sticker is engineered to be UV resistant and highly durable. Furthermore, with a thick laminate finish, you are guaranteed to set a glowing first impression to progress in MX. 

Then, our team generates an instant proof of the final design to ensure what you see is what you get. Furthermore, high tech printing machines make it possible for us to cut delivery times incredibly short. In only a matter of days, you will be ready to practice for the big leagues with that confidence boost. 

But did you know our KTM 125 graphics have much more to offer than just visuals? 

Premium KTM 125 Graphics and Service 

Regardless of how bumpy the track is or the weather outside, Backyard Design stickers were created with quality in mind. Cross-country riding involves a plethora of terrain that can wear out your factory plastics. However, your ride will remain protected from scuffs and scratches with a durable KTM 125 graphics kit from our collection

We use adhesive with bubble-release and residue-preventing technology. This makes it even more flexible to switch up your look whenever you like. This allows riders of all levels and ages to easily apply and remove their KTM 125 graphics at home without spending hefty charges for a professional. 

The Backyard Design team showcases a group of motorbike professionals who love MX sports and dirt bikes. Our experts design, print, and cut each sticker to order so you can count on us to help you elevate your aesthetics.

To deliver a one-stop solution to all your decal needs, our database also has UFO and Acerbis compatible stickers. Furthermore, you can add a matching seat cover from the Backyard Design store to complement your KTM 125 graphics. Riders can feel free to experiment and get as creative as they desire. 

The KTM 125 EXC for Amateurs and Young Riders 

Using its tailored, minimal weight Cross-country frame and competitive 125cc two stroke engine, the KTM 125 EXC is the ideal entry bike for young races. KTM engineering always lives up to its hallmark power for those looking to get into professional off-road ranks. With features like compact engine cases, 6-speed semi-close transmission, and a MIKUNI TMX carburetor, riders can count on the bike’s ultra easy handling and consistent performance. 

Upgrades such as the AER technology WP XACT front suspension, rear suspension, and shock absorber make dampening easier. Combined with the high-end front and rear wheel sets with Dunlop Geomax wrapping, the KTM 125 EXC provides optimum grip, stability, and traction. 

Moreover, the CNC machined hubs and triple clamps inform riders about maintenance requirements. KTM 125s have specially designed intake mechanisms and Twin-Air filters to equip riders with peak flow dynamics. Furthermore, this also balances throttle response and acceleration for smooth rideability. Complete with sleek, factory-inspired graphics and ergonomic features, all that your KTM 125 is missing is vibrant decals to make a statement.

Are you ready to let your artistic skills flow? 

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