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Modified Neon

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KTM EXC 150 Graphics – Define your Style with Custom Designs

Don’t let the small size of the KTM 150 EXC fool you, as it is a competent off-roader with quick handling that TPI models are synonymous with. The bike’s 143cc two-stroke engine offers efficient power. But, without a unique look to set yourself in a league apart from the competition, you could lose out.  

Backyard Design KTM EXC 150 graphics are a must-have for serious riders regardless of age or level. Our expertise lies in giving riders the ability to create customized decals, stickers, and graphics that define their aesthetic. EXC 150 graphics are a great way to explore how much you enjoy enduro and ways to embody it in your bike! Thanks to our user-friendly studio, you’ll be decked out in no time. 

Let Your Imagination Take Control

If you’re a fan of the track, your KTM 150 is a fantastic way to show it. No matter what message you are trying to send across, anything’s possible with customizable dirt bike graphics. Additionally, our sticker sets are a stylish and practical platform to capture the attention of onlookers. 

Each personalized graphic kit displayed on our website is made to order. This way, we can guarantee perfect fitting stickers for all visible parts of the bike, such as the swing arm and fork guards. Moreover, you can also tailor the numberplates of KTM models for a visually uniform look. 

To ensure all your requirements are met, our library showcases designs for all KTM EXC 150 bikes released from 1998 to 2016 and beyond. After rebranding the range was renamed to XC W 150. Regardless, our sticker kit can be used with newer releases up to the latest models. Backyard Design EXC 150 graphics can also be layered on Acerbis plastics and accessories for additional convenience. 

You can modify your enduro KTM stickers with various colors, gradients, and pattern options through our interactive modifier. Our store also carries ready-made ribbed seat covers to complement the overhaul of your KTM 150 EXC. You can add track-inspired lettering such as your name or race number to make your bike feel like your own if you’re on a team. 

Our in-house produced templates contain expert-inspired and more detailed layouts to use as the basis of your KTM EXC 150 graphics. We offer an assortment of sponsor logos and creative designs to meet the requirements of any rider’s objectives. 

KTM EXC 150 Graphics to Protect Your Look

Backyard Design EXC 150 graphics are of the utmost quality despite their reasonable prices. Each graphic kit we produce is printed on dependable, top-of-the-line vinyl with ink that never loses its vibrancy. Consequently, you can be assured that your stickers will stay put until you are ready to redesign them again. To fulfill our promise of precision and accuracy, our unrivaled customer service and graphics team verify every detail. Furthermore, our cutting-edge printing and die-cutting technologies allow us to ship within record delivery times. Paired with our vibrant, eye-catching stickers, it takes just a few clicks to improve your KTM 150 EXC

Even the most potent enduro bikes require additional shielding from wear and tear. Our fun decals act as a layer of protection for your KTM 150 EXC against scratches. As a result, you can focus on delivering results rather than being concerned with physical damage.

To complete your KTM EXC 150 graphics package, you have a choice between UV-resistant laminate coating finishes. We recommend the heavy-duty gloss lamination for riders who love to push their limits as it will last even longer. But we also have matte finish decals, so you can find everything you need through our library. 

As long as you follow the directions on our website, you can easily apply EXC 150 graphics at home. Thanks to the tried-and-tested firm adhesion, our decals lay on seamlessly, leaving no residue or air bubbles. Riders often become tired of or outgrow their style, which is why we’re here to help. But, even if you want to start all over again from scratch, our stickers allow you to do so whenever the mood strikes as they peel right off. 

With Backyard Design graphics, you can transform the KTM 150 EXC into a work of art! 

Big Bike Power in the Compact KTM 150 EXC

For enthusiasts, the KTM 150 EXC is a class of its own. This dirt bike features KTM’s hallmark engineering and innovative engine design for enduro performance. The EXC 150 reduces fuel loss and consumption with TPI fuel injection and cylinder, resulting in easy rideability and power delivery. 

The 6-speed PANKL transmission has been reinforced for no-dirt accumulation and easy maintenance. Fitted with a Dell’Orto throttle body and WP XPLOR suspension, the nimble 150cc bike lets riders benefit from an elevated riding experience. For better dynamic flow and response, the KTM 150 airbox was reworked along with its ergonomic features. The foam-padded seat and NEKEN handlebars can be adjusted to your liking.

To elevate the factory molded graphics of the KTM 150 EXC, why not add stellar graphics from our collection above?   

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