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Design your own Enduro Graphic Kit KTM EXC-F 450 2016--en yourself now.
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You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.

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Fits your:Enduro Graphic Kit KTM EXC-F 450 2016--en
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KTM 450 EXC F – Stellar Graphics to Boost your Ride

KTM motors outdid itself when it introduced the KTM 450 EXC F in the market. Its off-road performance, followed by exquisite engineering and an equally captivating presence on the tracks was what caught the eyes of fans. 

It is only fair for a championship-worthy bike like the KTM 450 to have a dazzling appearance to complement its efficiency. Are you ready to embark on a mission to create a version of the KTM 450 EXC F that represents your personality with the help of Backyard Design?

Why Choose KTM 450 EXC F graphics?

First off, a graphic kit means innovating your style statement. Where KTMs feature high tech lightweight bikes, Backyard Design focuses on creating looks to go with them. You don’t have to worry about the model of your KTM either because our library features all KTM EXC models, up to the year 2022. Thus, you can get creative with ease on its lightweight Chromoly steel frames without any second thoughts. 

Regardless of your designs, our KTM 450 EXC graphics have you covered. You can play it safe and choose premade designs for your KTM 450 EXC  or go all out with creativity and come up with something innovative. The options for personalized KTM 450 EXC graphics are boundless. 

When you first think about graphic kits, aesthetic appeal is the first thought that crosses most of our minds. However, Backyard Design’s decals bring much more to the table.

Durability and User-Friendly Guaranteed

Our decals serve to improve the bike’s durability. With Backyard Design KTM 450 EXC graphics by your side, your KTM will be in safe hands.

Thanks to the contemporary air duct technology of our KTM 450 EXC vinyl, installation won’t be a hassle. No need to wait around for professionals to prep your ride because you can apply it on your own with zero air bubbles. 

The good news is that our laminate protects your  KTM EXC from scuffs if you want to get rough on the track.  Thus, you will have no problem pushing the limits with your new decals to keep your bike safe from wearing out. Alternatively, if you aren’t a fan of the glossy finish, our matte range should be of interest to you. 

Endless Color Range

With Backyard Design’s KTM 450 EXC graphics, you will get precisely what you designed on your computer’s screen. We utilize state-of-the-art printers to produce your graphics. We aim to ensure all our stickers perfectly complement your ride’s race derived geometry, optimal execution, and prominent presence.

So, be it Acerbis or Cycra, your KTM 450, will match up your bike’s parts from Backyard Design patterns, and official sponsor logos. If you’re bold enough, why not experiment with some of our neon colors or draw inspiration from your favorite riding idols. 

Define Your Style with Backyard Design

Our custom graphics configurator is programmed to give customers all the options they need. Anyone can find graphic options that make it a possibility to recreate any design in their mind. Through 3D preview, you can modify and place every individual element till you have tailored it down to the detail. Every customization counts as a reflection of your passion for motocross and dirt bikes. 

If you are part of a team, why not take it a step further and add your name or the team number to your plastic parts. This is a great way to create a lasting first impression on spectators and potential sponsors. Every kit comes with full-coverage stickers for the shroud, fender, fork guards, swingarm, and numberplates of your KTM 450. However, if you’d like individual stickers rather than a complete kit, you can select individual stickers. 

Get inventive and produce something that is guaranteed to catch all eyes when you compete. There are no limits to creativity with Backyard Design by your side.

What makes the KTM 450 special?

The KTM 450 EXC is the epitome of a high-performing yet low-key bike. These bikes have stable aluminum profiles weighing no more than 900 grams. However, this doesn’t compromise its race derived geometry, optimal stiffness, and unrivaled power output. Owed to its championship-winning 450cc 4-stroke engine, the KTM 450 is just as fierce as its factory racing predecessors.

The modified high-tech suspension on the two-wheeler sets it apart from the competition. With WP XPLOR fork springs with a 48 mm diameter, the oil pumping capability is enhanced. As a result, riders can say goodbye to heat and friction thanks to the WP front suspension and rear mono-shock suspension technology. 

All KTM models feature high tech footpegs. These self cleaning footpegs prevent mud clogs even on muddy terrains. Additionally, the balancer shaft and integrated fuel pump ensures direct feed delivery and consistent power output. 

If you are ready to go all out and make waves on the MX track, a KTM 450 EXC graphics kit can help you stand out a mile! 

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