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Design your own MX Graphic Kit KTM SX 50 2019-2022 yourself now.
Choose one of our base designs to get started with and customize it the way you like it.
You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.


Fits your:MX Graphic Kit KTM SX 50 2019-2022
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You will be able to customize every aspect starting with the design shown.
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Make your Kid’s KTM 50 Graphics Dreams a Reality

When it comes to premium KTM 50 SX custom graphics, Backyard Design should be your first thought! Craft your kid’s dream dirt bike with our personalized stickers and decals. Whether your little one wants to look like their favorite team rider or let their creativity take charge, our design library has something for everyone. 

Custom-made stickers for your KTM 50 SX are a great way to engage in self-expression. Our bright and colorful stickers will help your kid’s first dirt bike stand out and boost their confidence. 

Fully Personalized KTM 50 Graphics

Your dirt bike is a reflection of who you are. Even young riders have a unique flair that sets them apart from other riders within their league. No matter the age, KTM 50 SX custom graphics are a worthy investment towards the overall aesthetic appeal of your bike. 

Featuring over 2000 logos and fonts, riders can tweak their graphic kit as they like using our online modifier. We want to enable you and your child with endless possibilities so you can design your own decals without hassles. The Backyard Design tool is highly user-friendly and offers several colors and pattern combinations to let your imagination run wild. Your child can also add their name or lucky numbers to make the bike feel like their own. 

Whether you want to represent your KTM idols with the brand’s hallmark orange or neon or for something more unique, we have it all. Our pre-designed KTM 50 SX templates are the perfect starting point to create decals for the plastic kit of your bike. Then, you can personalize the shroud, fork guard, and fenders through the 3D viewer. You can also design stickers to layer on the number plate

In-house production

To ensure flawless fitting stickers, we print everything in-house on our premium vinyl using the highest quality materials. Backyard Design vinyl is engineered with powerful adhesive glue and a thick, glossy laminate that prevents air bubbles or peeling away. As a result, you can count on our KTM 50 SX custom graphics to last for years to come.

Our configurator includes KTM 50 2010 and 2016 decals and options for the initial 2002 release. Please choose the correct model and year for your bike. Nonetheless, after you confirm your order, our team of experts will double-check all the details and send you an instant preview of the final design.

Depending on the chosen shipping method, within just a record time of just a few business days, your bespoke KTM 50 graphics will arrive at your door.  

More than Appearances 

KTM 50 graphics are a significant first investment towards your child’s accessory collection. However, Backyard Design stickers are not just visually appealing. Our premium vinyl technology acts as a barrier from long-term wear and tear. Young riders can prevent damaging their bikes from stones or grit and increase their durability with customized KTM 50 graphics

Our high-quality ink is weather resistant. No matter how long your junior wants to ride outdoors, the vibrancy of our stickers will never fade. In addition, our vinyl adheres flawlessly, so peeling off is never a concern. 

There’s no need for a professional or to visit a body shop to install your KTM 50 SX custom graphics. As long as you follow the instructions we’ve laid out for you, any rider can layer on their decals without any readjustments.

We understand that young riders can quickly outgrow or get bored of their decals. It’s totally fine to want to upgrade your look whenever you desire. Thus, our stickers are also easy to remove and replace at home. You don’t have to worry about residue or damaging the original plastics of your vehicle. 

No matter the look, Backyard Design caters to all motocross enthusiasts. You can find plenty of design options to match your little one’s vibrant personality. 

Not Limited by Age 

Stepping into the world of motocross racing for the first time can be intimidating. But with a bike like the KTM 50 SX, even the tiniest of riders can get the thrill of adrenaline without risking their safety.

The dirt bike features a power-packed two-stroke 50cc engine, exhaust and intake systems for high performance. To provide amateurs with manageable speed and controls, the automatic throttle clutch can be adjusted to the rider and track requirements. 

Future stars can count on the sturdy ergonomic design of the 50SC for overall stability. Representing their hallmark factory look, the original KTM 50 plastics have in-mold graphics and a bright orange frame that can be spotted from a mile away. If you want to ensure your junior doesn’t get lost in a crowd of other KTM bikes, our customizable KTM 50 graphics are the ideal solution.

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