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KTM SXF 450 Graphics – Take it to the next level!

The KTM SXF 450 makes its presence known long before it leaves the pitlane, thanks to its championship-winning power delivery. However, no bike is ready to take on the competition without unique details to set it apart from the competition. Custom graphics are an affordable way to personalize your bike and ensure you get noticed!

Teams and individuals of all expertise levels can count on a Backyard Design KTM SXF 450 graphics kit. We have your design needs covered with our wide range of stellar decals printed on quality vinyl. So, if you’re ready to transform your 2022 KTM 450 SX into a visual highlight, the templates above can help you get started. 

Thousands of KTM SXF 450 Graphic Choices 

Regardless of your style goals, our 3D configurator has a plethora of color hues, gradients, and patterns for you to choose from. The possibilities are endless when customizing your KTM 450 sticker kit, as our library also features over 2000 official sponsor logos and typefaces. You can also add your name or lucky numbers for that much-needed personal touch. 

Our high-tech printing and specialized ink let us perfectly match KTM’s hallmark bright orange plastics. If you want to look like your favorite supercross champions such as Marvin Musquin and Cooper Webb, we have specially designed factory-inspired templates for you. Nonetheless, for something with more flair and detail, our presets also include various bold and colorful graphics kit presets to intensify your bike’s appearance.

When you work with Backyard Design, we aim to help you create bespoke dirt bike graphics kits that capture your love for MX. Thus, each Backyard Design kit comes with precisely cut stickers that may be applied to various parts of your bike, including the number plates, fenders, and swingarm. Additionally, our stickers are compatible with most major accessory brands, including UFO, Acerbis, and Polisport. 

Tailor made graphics 

Once you are satisfied with the real-time preview of your design, it’s time for our experts to take a look at the design. This helps us guarantee a flawless fit for your bike plastics by generating proof to show you what the final design looks like before printing. Furthermore, this made-to-order approach paired with air bubble prevention technology makes it simple to flawlessly apply and remove your KTM 450 sticker kit at home. You don’t have to worry about removing stains, residue, or peeling off to get a new look. 

All our graphics kits are created by industry-leading designers and experts for riders like you. Thus, every Backyard Design decal is tested beforehand so we can turn over high-quality and cost-effective design solutions on time. You’ll be ready to lead in the pit within a few days after placing your order!

We also offer ribbed seat covers for the KTM SX 450. Our premium ribbed covers are ideal for tight turns as they add much-needed comfort and traction. As an added benefit, matching seat covers give your bike a polished appearance to set a lasting impression. 

Industry-Leading Durability and More

A KTM 450 sticker kit elevates your motocross aesthetic beyond its stock look. To keep your biking looking fresh and updated, we always seek new and creative designs. However, our priority remains quality and customer service.

Using top-notch vinyl and the best printing methods available, you can add durability and weather resistance to your bike frame. Moreover, the thick laminate finishing we use shields your bike, protecting it from scratches and scuffs. Riders can depend on our KTM 450 graphics kit to remain vibrant and maintain their bike’s appearance longer without fading. 

The reinforced adhesive is ultra-strong and will not peel off over time. No matter how dangerous or difficult the terrain is, Backyard Design graphics deliver a much-needed boost of confidence. Instead of spending hours worrying about chipped paint or physical damage, riders can focus on winning while we take care of the technicalities. 

Ready to Win with a KTM SXF 450

The KTM SX 450 is renowned for providing award-winning speed with agility. Perhaps this is why it remains the closest choice for those looking for fully equipped factory edition machines. Powered by a 4-stroke 450cc compact engine, the motor also has an optimal center of gravity. As a result, riders can rely on the SXF 450 to provide rideability and traction control when accelerating on slippery or rough surfaces. 

Lightweight die cast engine cases and SOHC cylinder head retain strength while improving shaft arrangement and mass centralization. Fitted with EFI launch control, your KTM SXF 450 will start quickly, saving your time and energy for the track. Hydro formed frames with WP XACT rear, and front suspension can be set up to suit any rider’s preferences.

To intensify stability and handling, the KTM trademark triple clamp has been developed with precise stiffness and an hour meter. This device keeps riders informed about their service needs and how far they have been riding their KTM SXF. All KTM SX models offer advanced ergonomics with adjustable handlebars and seats for rider mobility. 

Why not upgrade your auto marvel with our KTM SXF 450 graphics for the ultimate visual and performance package?

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