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Customize your KTM XC 250 graphic kit online now!

Here is all the important info you need to know about your custom KTM XC 250 graphics kit

The KTM XC 250 is no doubt one of the most competitive bikes of the 250cc class. KTM has consistently raised the bar year after year with the XC 250 and as a result, put itself at the top of many podiums in the amateur motocross scene.

In our custom motocross graphics design configurator, you can view the majority of the different KTM XC 250 models and design your motocross graphics with no limits.

For the older KTM XC 250 models, we used the same model bike in the configurator from 1998 to 2006.

However, not to worry because we will make sure your custom graphics kit is made with the correct template for your KTM dirt bike.

From 1998 – 2004, the KTM XC 250 did not receive many changes, except for a few updates here and there. It wasn’t until 2005 and 2006 that significant changes were made to the bikes plastics that were visually noticeable. In the configurator, you will only see the 2005-2006 XC 250.

For the newer KTM XC 250 graphics, we have made your ordering experience more personal than any other graphics company in the world. We have made it possible to design your custom motocross graphics on the exact KTM XC 250 that you have, changing the way people order motocross graphics. For 2007 – 2010 XC 250 models there are 4 different basic designs that you can choose from to configure your perfect custom dirt bike graphics kit. For the 2011 to 2012 models, there are also 4 different basic designs where you can let your creativity run wild when designing your perfect graphics kit.

In 2013, KTM released a new model of the XC 250, and then in 2015 there was another small change to the fork guards, as a new WP suspension fork was added to the bike as an update. It is very important to choose your correct model, because the XC 250 2013 – 2015 are visually the same, but have slight differences in the templates.

The new KTM XC 250 2016 – 2022

In 2016, the XC 250 got a complete makeover, making it one of the most up to date bikes in its class. The plastics were completely redesigned, making it look identical to it’s four stroke-siblings. We have decided to provide you with 7 different basic designs for the XC 250 to choose from to design your dream custom dirt bike graphics kit. The most popular are our KTM Original graphics kits , which has a similar to look to the sleek and race inspired look of the KTM XC 250.

The latest XC 250 on our website is the brand new 2019 KTM model. Nothing short of a “dream bike” for all two-stroke 250 enthusiasts. The plastics got a complete update from the 2016-2018 models. On our website you can customize all the plastic parts colors to either match your exact bike, or maybe to get some ideas of how your next bike will look. Do you hate putting on graphics? You’re in luck because we offer the matching plastic kits from Acerbis, Polisport or UFO, and you can choose your favorite colors for your new graphics kit to be installed on under extras. The plastics show up at your door, graphics already applied, ready to bolt on. For the most up-to-date bikes, there are even some more exclusive colors such as grey plastics and even turquoise.

There is also neon yellow or the popular light blue, as the Troy Lee Designs KTM Red Bull Factory Team unveiled it for the first time at the Washougal AMA Motocross National as a special edition.

Some plastic companies have different styles of plastics being slightly different than the OEM plastic shapes. No Problem! We also have templates for the Cycra plastics of the KTM XC 250. The Cycra Powerflow Kit, which is very popular here in the USA has a special fit and must be selected as your plastics selection before ordering in our motocross online shop.

Here we have some more information about the fit and the different plastic parts  for your XC 250 Graphics Kit

We’re excited that motocross plastic companies are finally providing more color options than just white, Black or OEM colored plastics.

The fit of our KTM XC 250 motocross graphics has raised the bar for our customers time and again. Unlike many graphics companies, we make our templates ourselves in-house. When making our templates for the KTM, we place special emphasis on a good fit that allows a simple installation process and optimal performance in high wear areas such as boots rubbing and knee brace areas.

However, with the fork guards of the KTM XC 250 from the year 2015 and newer, we advise you to choose the fork guards carefully. The fork guards on the KTM XC 250 are very similar to those of the Husqvarna TC 250. Many plastic manufacturers therefore use the same shape for both models, but our stickers have different templates for the different fork protectors to guarantee a perfect fit.

So if your fork guard decals don’t fit perfectly, you might have been delivered the wrong ones by Acerbis or UFO.

That’s why we recommend simply ordering the plastic parts via our MX graphics configurator and get them directly from us to ensure fitment. Our installation service saves you from applying them on your own and you can go straight to the track with your fully custom MX graphics kit for your KTM XC 250.

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