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You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.

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Boost your Bike’s Looks with an RM250 Graphics Kit 

Every motocross racer is on the hunt for a bike they can use in a variety of races across the world. Nothing says two-stroke versatility and speed like a Suzuki RM 250! Using the Backyard Design design configurator, you can take this flexibility to all new heights and create your own custom RM250 graphics kit

Graphics kits are a great way to experiment with the look of your dirt bike. With our decal stickers, you create an all-new aesthetic for your Suzuki that matches your personality. Regardless of the RM 250 model you sport, our library has something for everyone. 

Top of the Line RM250 Graphics Kit 

Backyard Design decals are so much more than just visual appeal. Featuring patented durable gloss polypropylene, every RM250 restyle kit we create offers a guaranteed lasting shiny finish that never fades or dulls. You can ride riskier terrain and count on our decals for durability. 

The high-quality vinyl we print on can withstand wear and tear, shielding your bike from dirt, debris, and rocks. Freely push your endurance to the limits and fulfil your adrenaline thrill goals without worrying about scratches or damage. A Backyard Design graphic kit for Suzuki bikes will have your back, no matter the adventure. 

To ensure your restyled plastic kits look as sharp as your bike performs, we take special care to ensure every cut is on point. As a result, you can create the perfect OEM type fit graphics for the number plate, shrouds, fork guards, front fender, and rear fender of the Suzuki RM250. 

The Backyard Design tool lets you add a personal touch to the various plastic parts so you can take pride in your work of art. We can also create custom decals that are compatible with Polisport restyling parts. Browse through the options above, or if you are unsure, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] 

Let your creative juices flow as our content library features hundreds of official logos, color options, gradients, and so much more. Through the 3D view option, you can customize your RM250 graphics kit however you like and see the results in real time! Our team of experts will create an instant proof for you to approve right after check out. Then, within only a matter of days, your decals should be at your doorstep, ready for installation.

Flexibility Unlimited 

Wouldn’t it be fun to add your team name, number, or other personal details to your bike? Well, now you can with our innovative graphic modifier. We’ve created several Factory Suzuki-inspired templates to get you started on looking as good as your favorite professional riders, including Justin Hill and Weston Peick

However, our library also features several handcrafted designs to give the signature yellow plastics of the Suzuki RM250 ultimate personalization. For those looking for something more signature and detailed, you can start your graphics kit design from scratch. 

But, when we talk about adaptability, we don’t mean simply in terms of looks. Backyard Design decals are easy to install and remove yourself, so you can move on to the next when you get bored of them. Moreover, the premium adhesive we use prevents air bubbles, scuffs, and residue, so you don’t damage your original Suzuki RM 250 frame. 

All you have to do is express yourself through your design and get ready to transform your RM250 graphics kit.

Take it Further with Seat Covers 

While decal stickers are our specialty, we love giving riders more options to personalize the look of their restyling kit. In addition to a top-notch RM250 graphics kit, you can accessorize your bike with matching seat covers. Tying your look together with a complimentary ribbed seat cover will add comfort and slip resistance. Rider comfort is always our top priority. 

On the Backyard Design store, you can find various ready-made seat cover designs to add some flair to your bike’s overall look quickly. This also helps set a lasting first impression that you take care of the details and consequently, attracting the right kind of attention. 

The Epitome of Versatility – The RM250 

With its 249cc, fuel injection four-stroke engine, the Suzuki RM250 remains unparalleled when it comes to all-around racing ability in a single package. The compact throttle body paired with the sophisticated transmission, throttle, and Showa suspension delivers a competitive advantage for motocross riders.

Among the best in the industry, the aluminum frame and various plastic parts have been improved over the years to provide speed, traction, and strength. You can expect superior mud-slinging and easy-to-use handling compared to counterparts. 

The RM 250 is the picture of comfort. Riders will be well-equipped to enjoy long rides without tiring out thanks to its ergonomic handlebars, rubber-mounted triple clamp, and gripper seat.

Why not elevate the hallmark yellow Suzuki dirt bike with one of our RM250 graphics kits for a boost of confidence and comfort? Backyard Design has something in store for riders of all levels so let your creativity take the lead. 

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