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MX Graphic Kit Suzuki RMZ 250

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RMZ 250 Graphics: Become a Bolder and Better Rider

If you own a Suzuki RMZ 250, we can already tell you have excellent taste in dirt bikes. This owes to the versatility and adjustable options you can experiment with within your ride. However, what if we said you could expand this flexibility to your bike’s physical looks as well?

Well, you totally can with our RMZ 250 graphics configurator. Regardless of the purchase date of your bike, Backyard Design can deliver optimum quality decals for all models of the RMZ. You don’t need to worry even if you are sporting a somewhat older 2018 Suzuki RMZ 250 graphics kit as we have options for everyone.


Looks Matter for Your RMZ 250 – Choose Premium Graphics from BACKYARD DESIGN!

Backyard design is the first name that should come to mind when talking about high quality vinyl for your RMZ 250 graphics. You are bound to agree with us once you try out our customizable graphics kit. Our custom RMZ 250 plastics and graphics are made of state-of-the-art vinyl and adhesive technology. The material offers durability and a long-lasting UV resistant finish.

Moreover, with the fine cuts of our RMZ 250 graphics kit, Suzuki bikes can develop an enhanced and sharper appearance. With their endurance, championship worthy quality and fine finish, your RMZ will be the center of attention for years to come.

Backyard Design’s graphics kits for the Suzuki RMZ 250 come equipped with the decals for:

  • the front fenders
  • the rear fenders
  • radiator shrouds
  • airbox
  • lower fork guards
  • swingarm
  • number plates for your bike


Our RMZ 250 graphics kit will fit your bike’s form, thanks to our precise measuring and cutting technique. But please check the model number and brand to ensure you purchase decals that are compatible with your vehicle.

Now, who doesn’t like a little personal touch on their favorite ride? So, get your creative juices flowing and create your personalized decal stickers in our configurator. Individualize your kit with your favorite sponsor logos and your rider name and number. With the myriad of options, the choices are endless.

The thing about custom decals is you can turn your bike into whatever you want. Once you install your custom decals, your ride will become your trademark on the track.

Additionally, with a Backyard Design graphic kit, Suzuki RMZ 250 riders can take on riskier ventures too. This is because our decal stickers can easily withstand the brunt of minor scratches and scrapes. As a result, you can enjoy the thrill of the ride without fretting over your bike’s original paint. You can trust our decals to have your bike’s back on even the roughest of terrains.


Easy Design and Application of Our RMZ 250 Graphics

All Backyard Design decals feature easy to install adhesion, so you don’t need any assistance applying them to your vehicle. Moreover, if you ever feel like removing them in the future, that’s not hard either. Our decals are just as easy to remove as their installation. Plus, the best part is that they don’t leave any residue behind, so you won’t be scrubbing away to get rid of the aftermath.

You can conveniently design your favorite RMZ 250 graphics and stickers and send them to us for instant-proofs. Once the design acquires approval, our team of professionals will get to work. Additionally, you can enhance the cohesiveness of your new look by including your seat covers in the designing process of your RMZ 250 graphics – and even yourself. Check out our BYD Casual shop for rider’s gear that’ll match your bike’s design.

Plus, Backyard Design ships within two days of approval so you will receive your RMZ 250 graphics in little to no time from your purchase date. We deliver the products to your humble abode, so you don’t need to worry about pick-up either. Just design your RMZ 250 graphics and leave the rest to us. If you are confused or have questions regarding the RMZ 250 graphics, you can contact us at this email address:


Suzuki RMZ 250, a Sophisticated Beast

Suzuki is a renowned brand when it comes to bikes. However, it has outdone itself with the Suzuki RMZ 250. The bright yellow dirt bike doesn’t just catch attention for its color or well-known RMZ 250 Makita graphics.

With its compact design and promising engine, the RMZ 250 is always ready to perform. This owes to its 249cc, 4-stroke engine, and electronic ignition. Also, in recent years manufacturers have added a center port cylinder head, so you get premium throttle response.

Moreover, the single rotor disc brakes on the front and back wheels give this beast a sophisticated characteristic. The bike features tube tires that add durability and safety when on the tracks. Add to this the wet multi-plate clutch and the 5-speed constant mesh transmission, and you’ve got the perfect dirt bike.

So, get zooming with this professional dirt bike as it sports your favorite RMZ 250 graphics with one of our premium RMZ 250 graphics kits and gripper seat covers!

Reviews from our riders

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Josh Grant
Josh Grant
Rider since 2020

"If you're searching for a set of fully customizable graphics look no further. The online configurator offers limitless possibilities and the widest selection of options to design your kits down to the smallest details. "

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Ryan Villopoto
Ryan Villopoto
Rider since 2019

"Backyard graphics are made of seriously solid stuff. Most durable and solid graphics I ever rode and I can't even imagine riding anything else anymore! "

Black and White image of Josh Hansen
Josh Hansen
Teamrider since 2018

"I've always enjoyed working with Backyard Design. These guys are amazing at coming up with creative and original ideas and we've created tons of incredible designs together. Definitely the #1 choice for style! "

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Jake Weimer
Jake Weimer
Rider since 2020

"Best fitting graphics I've ever used! No need for any cutting or stretching the graphics and they stick perfectly. Make sure to properly activate the adhesive with a heat gun when installing. Same goes for removal or you might need a second set of strong arms to get them off. "

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