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Design your own MX Graphic Kit TM Racing - MX85 2013-2022 yourself now.
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You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.

Factory Basic

Fits your:MX Graphic Kit TM Racing - MX85 2013-2022
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TM 85 MX Graphics – Controllable Power and Custom Styles

The TM brand is one of the very few that make a full-size MX bike powered by an 85cc engine. So what could be more exciting than showing up to the track with an upgraded, exotic two-wheeler that instantly attracts the gaze of spectators? Backyard Design TM 85 MX graphics should be at the top of your wish list if you are ready to switch your appearance. 

With many design options, including hundreds of licensed sponsor logos, color combinations, fonts, and much more, your creativity is not bound by restrictions. In addition, our customizable MX 85 graphics match up to the unequaled power of your bike’s two-stroke engine so you can demonstrate your fierce capabilities. Are you ready to put together the ultimate confidence booster to take your motocross experience to new heights? 

The Perfect Add-On to your TM Racing 85 Two-Wheeler

No motocross enthusiast is an exception to the mission of looking and feeling their best when competing. Thus, custom graphics are the way to go to add some character and differentiate yourself from rivals. Every TM Racing 85 decal kit we produce comes complete with all the intricate detailing required for a streamlined and aesthetically distinct design.

You can customize this kit to layer your bike’s shroud, fender, fork guard, swingarm, and number plates. Why not add a special touch to your dirt bike plastic kits with your name or number in race-track fonts? 

As a result of our collaboration with several MX professionals and designers, we recommend checking out the templates above as your base designs. You can use these designs to get started and customize them to your heart’s desire. Your choices include a fusion of factory-inspired and authentic presets for a graphic kit that accurately embodies your dedication to the sport. 

Riders who want to expand their professional endeavors may want to go the extra mile to impress sponsors. Backyard Design offers extras to complement your TM Racing MX stickers. You can find neon colors, special patterns or different finishes on our website. 

Flare and uniqueness have become an increasingly significant part of TM racing tracks. It’s time to design your own MX 85 to really make a splash and add some excitement to your ride.

More than Meets the Eye 

Backyard Design MX 85 graphics are a reliable outlet for those willing to go all out but on a restricted budget. Our specialty vinyl was designed to provide increased protection and durability from wear and tear. The revolutionary adhesive and lamination further reinforce our sticker’s longevity.

Every sticker is made-to-order. This means only after you confirm your order do we begin printing. By paying attention to detail, we ensure all your stickers are compatible and work well with your TM 85 MX. Backyard Design wants to help you make a statement so you can connect with your inner enthusiast and audiences in attendance. 

Our library caters to all TM Racing 85 models imaginable to meet all your design requirements. After placing your order through our intuitive 3D studio, our team will thoroughly check all the specs and generate an instant preview for you. Then, it only takes a short stretch of time till you can show off your new graphics.

A key feature of our model is to give everyone access to personalized decals for their bike. Thus, you do not need any assistance in installing your graphic kit. Our TM 85 MX graphics adhere to your bike like a second skin without air bubbles or peeling off. Furthermore, you can skip the long-term commitment as our stickers can be removed just as quickly. Don’t worry about scraping off tough stains or residue, as we’ve already taken care of it for you.

For riders looking to adapt their bike into a work of art, we’ve now made it possible to add detailed elements to your canvas. Well-maintained bikes that display how well they’re cared for increase your value on the leaderboards.

85 cc Full-Size Performance

The TM Racing 85 MX is the first of its kind in many ways. First and foremost, the junior model is ready to compete amongst other full-size bikes despite its smaller engine architecture. The Extreme Tech and Formula 39 suspension configuration within the aluminum chassis provides the best lap times possible.

Electronic components include a KEIHIN fuel injection system, 6-speed gearbox, and hydraulic clutch deliver optimum control, acceleration, and gas consumption. Add some color and character to the blue and white MX 85 graphics with custom decals and stickers. Backyard Design is your one-stop-shop for all your enduro visual needs. 

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