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Personalized PW50 Graphics for Young Riders 

So, your child is interested in riding dirt bikes? The Yamaha PW50 remains one of the top choices for young learners and their parents. What better way to let them express their passion and creativity than with one of our PW50 graphics kit to complete their first bike? 

Bike decals give your child a sense of responsibility and ownership while also allowing them to have some fun with customization options. Regardless of whether your kid wants to distinguish themselves from their sibling’s bikes or leave their mark on a hand-me-down, Backyard Design PW50 graphics are a great starting point. 

More than Just Graphics

Most children love bright, colorful stickers and decals. Stickers haven’t changed much over the years, and regardless of age, everyone still enjoys using them to decorate their motocross vehicles. However, you can seize the opportunity to teach your child more about their Yamaha PW 50.

High-quality vinyl graphic kits are a terrific way to show youngsters the various parts of a dirt bike and how these PW50 plastics work. Our decal sets include stickers for the fenders, fork guard, number plates and shrouds. You can carry out basic maintenance and apply stickers together to learn more about the Yamaha PW50 simultaneously. 

Additionally, a PW50 graphics kit preserves your bike’s plastic kit. The film-like adhesive acts as a safeguard for unavoidable nicks and scrapes when riding in open spaces. As a result, this not only maintains the original paint of the dirt bike but also protects it from long-term wear and tear. 

Backyard Design decals are inexpensive, simple to use, and durable. More significantly, they are weather-resistant; thus, you never have to worry about your stickers fading. 

If your little one gets bored of the same look or wishes to try something different, you can easily remove PW50 graphics without damage. In addition, our online graphic kits designer features several customization options, so you can count on versatility depending on your vision. 

Let Your Inner Artist Out with Backyard Design 

The Backyard Design database features numerous fonts, logos, patterns, and color vinyl options for your child’s Yamaha PW50. Before designing, think about what characteristics and objectives you want to achieve. Planning in advance will help you attain these goals more effectively rather than getting confused later. This is also a great excuse to spend quality bonding time with your child. 

You can allow your imagination to run wild and create an entirely unique design to match your child’s personality. Decals are a great way to draw attention to your PW50 plastics and show off your little one’s passion for dirt bikes. You can create customized Backyard Design PW50 graphics to display your team number, initials, favorite branding, and so much more! 

Custom PW50 graphics and decals are a great way to show off your kid’s uniqueness and flair. They assist novice riders in developing their personal identity and inspire others on the track. 

PW50 plastics with your little one’s name and logo can make riding an even more thrilling experience. Backyard Design features several designs to elevate your kid from casual rider to true enthusiast. Simply click on the “Customize Now” option under any of our PW50 presets and get crafting on the Backyard Design configurator that opens in a new window for your ease. 

After you submit your final design, our team of experts will take a look to ensure it fits the Yamaha PW50 flawlessly. The pro-designers at Backyard Design work to understand your goals and will help determine the best approach to creating decals for your dirt bike. Then, we’ll run a proof by you within one business day to know what the final aesthetic will look like.

All you have to do is sit back and wait for your Backyard Design decals to show up at your doorstep through your selected shipping method

Why We Love the Yamaha PW50

Several motocross and supercross professionals began their careers on the Yamaha PW 50. Even today, the PW50 is highly recommended for both kids and their parents because of its simplicity, affordability, and reliability. Featuring an extremely rider-friendly body design and power-packed 50cc two-stroke engine, the PW50 is an excellent first bike choice for young riders.

There’s no need to worry about training your little one about gear shifting. The dirt bike has a completely automatic gearbox that lets riders “twist and go” quickly. Every aspect of the Yamaha PW 50 works together for a low-maintenance drive without compromising performance. Parents can also adjust the top speed to prevent accidents during training. 

Weighing only 39kg, this compact and light mini-bike can help your child develop their riding skills while having tons of fun. The lowered seat height and handlebar layout make it easy for beginners to get comfortable without complicated maneuvers. Finished off with one of our completely customizable PW50 graphic kits, your little one will be making roars around the track in no time!

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