Design your MX Graphic Kit Yamaha YZ 65

Design your own MX Graphic Kit Yamaha YZ 65 2019-2022 yourself now.
Choose one of our base designs to get started with and customize it the way you like it.
You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.

Stripes Neon

Fits your:MX Graphic Kit Yamaha YZ 65 2019-2022
Startingfrom $189.90
  • 100% customizable online
  • Highest quality in moto
  • Fits your bike perfect
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You will be able to customize every aspect starting with the design shown.
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Make Your Child’s YZ65 Graphics Dreams a Reality

The Yamaha YZ65 is designed to win and is always ready to hit the track with its award-winning performance. To give your young ones even more confidence and help their dirt bike stand out, our customizable YZ65 graphics are an excellent choice. Our configurator tool is easy to use and enables the youngest of riders to express themselves through their dirt bike

We have hundreds of high-quality decals for your graphic kit that represent some of the best manufacturers and sports figures in the world. These include factory-inspired designs from the Yamaha Star Racing Team riders such as Dylan Ferrandis and Justin Cooper.

However, if your little one is looking for something more unique, Backyard Design’s library features endless design options for the Yamaha 65 dirt bike. Select from various templates and mix and match different logo graphics, fonts, and colors till your child is happy with their final design. Then, you can count on us to take care of the rest. 

Design Your Own YZ65 Graphics 

Every motocross rider wants their bike to look on top of its game. A dirt bike is a physical and psychological extension of who you are. Creating one-of-a-kind YZ65 graphics reflects enthusiasm for the sport and encourages children to enjoy riding their bikes. Our online graphic kit designer makes the design process a breeze so you can construct the YZ65 of your child’s dreams. 

Not only do YZ65 graphics improve the appearance of your dirt bike, but they also provide a hint of professionalism. Even if you are not a competitive rider yet, there is no harm in setting an impression. There is no better way to communicate dedication than to create your own Backyard Design graphic kit. 

Our Yamaha 65 graphics kits are made from industry-leading materials for several years of durability and peak performance. Each vinyl sticker is finished with premium gloss that ensures your bike graphics don’t fade. Additionally, this coating prevents damage from weather, dust, and grime. 

A graphic kit also improves vehicle safety even when riding in dangerous or congested areas. Backyard Design decals protect each component of the plastic kit of your Yamaha YZ65. Since these kits don’t get scratched or deteriorate over time, they are a worthwhile long-term investment for all riders regardless of their level of expertise.

While customizing bikes can be costly, our graphic kits are not the case. Instead, our goal is to provide all riders with affordable yet attractive decal options without compromising quality. So, if you’re looking for ways to turn heads on the track without blowing your budget, you’ve come to the right place.

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