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Transform your Ride with YZ85 Custom Graphics 

The Yamaha YZ 85 has been the mini racing bike of choice for entry-level champions. Featuring top-notch suspension and big-bike performance, you can elevate the aesthetics of this 85cc classic with our YZ85 custom graphics. Whether you ride for fun or professionally, a Backyard Design graphic kit will secure your YZ85 plastics and keep your bike looking just as good as new. 

Most factory bikes come fitted with generic branding and stickers, but there’s plenty of room to customize. Using our easy-to-use configurator, even the youngest racers can design their own decals for a personal touch. So, if you’re looking to create your first YZ85 decal kit, you’ve come to the right place! 

Upgrade and Care for Your YZ85 Plastics 

All riders are concerned about the condition of their bike. However, to change things up on the track and maintain the pristine look of your bike, you need more than just basic upkeep. An eye-catching YZ85 graphics kit is a dynamic way to add some character and attract the right kind of attention on the track.

All of our YZ85 graphics are made of high-quality vinyl that lasts for several years at a time. This ensures added durability as dust and grime have minimal impact on the polished finish of our sticker packs. Additionally, a graphic kit protects YZ85 plastics from wear and tear. This is an excellent way for bikers to express their uniqueness while making a striking, vibrant statement when they go out for a ride. 

Backyard Design decals are easy to apply. But, the best bit is, even if your vinyl gets damaged, removing and replacing it is just as simple. Instead of costly and time-consuming repaint, riders can modify their Yamaha YZ85 aesthetic whenever they desire, without downtime. 

Each kit is designed specific to each model and year; thus, you can expect a perfect fit every time. You can find several YZ85 decal kit options in our database to cover the fender, fork guard, swingarm, and shroud of your bike. Additionally, you can design your number plate stickers for a truly unique appearance.

Our designs are compatible with several body variations, including the OEM replica plastic kit by Acerbis, UFO, and Polisport. Established in 1985 Acerbis USA has been meeting the heavy demands of top-level Motocross and supercross teams for decades. Pairing your replica Acerbis plastics with one of our tailor-made graphics creates a streamlined look that is bound to make waves!

Limitless Customization and Service Standards 

Depending on your design motive and preferences, you can find a plethora of design elements to create your complete graphic kit. The Backyard Design modifier features several icons, logos, and visual options to make your one-of-a-kind YZ85 graphics kit. With tailor-made graphics for their plastic kit, Yamaha YZ85 models can garner plenty of attention.

Our design library features several factory-inspired designs. These include Star Racing Factory Yamaha Team rider kits, such as Dylan Ferrandis and Justin Cooper. Additionally, you can create a custom design if you want more detail. The choice is entirely yours, so feel free to mix and match till you are content with your final design.  

Create your unique YZ85 graphics from many different possible logo and color combinations and create your one of a kind dirt bike!  

After finalizing your YZ85 decal kit design, our experts can recommend any changes and improvements. Then, to make sure the end result looks just the way you want, Backyard Design resizes everything as per the original factory shape specific model and year

You can expect affordable, high-quality, and vibrant graphic kits that make your investment in Backyard Design worthwhile. Our stickers are delivered within record-breaking time without compromising on any aspect of your overall look. We take care of the details for you so that you can focus on hitting the track. 

The Yamaha YZ85 – Small Size, Big Performance. 

Over the years, the power-packed YZ85 has remained a top choice for young riders seeking a professional biking career. Already renowned for its high performance and dynamic bodywork, the YZ85 also features a refined chassis, braking system, and riding experience. Completed with YZ85 custom graphics, the Yamaha dirt bike can empower riders to a whole new level. 

The Yamaha YZ85 owes its performance capabilities to its 85cc 2-stroke engine equipped with a racing-level valve system. With its additional lightweight frame, efficient air intake, and adjustable suspension, riders can master any terrain.

The YZ85 features a flat seat design, redesigned fuel tank, and slim bodywork to improve ergonomics. Our ribbed seat covers further add a layer of cushioning and slip-resistance for better rider control. Unfortunately, the original duotone color scheme and graphics can be a little monotonous. 

Instead, let your creative juices flow and design your Backyard Design YZ85 decal kit now to ensure you always stand out!

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