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Creating your custom graphics kit has never been easier! Select from HUNDREDS of available bike and year models and design your unique dirt bike stickers!

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How to design your own graphics kit

Our configurator is the perfect tool to design your own bike decals with! Simply pick your bike, enter your name and number, and get creative!

We offer you a variety of base designs to start with and each one offers different color accents that you can customize. Just click on an accent and select the desired color from the palette menu on the right. You can also use this menu to navigate all customizable accents on the decal.

Our colors are optimized to match your bike’s original plastics and you even have access to special patterns or neon colors!

Slap on your favorite sponsor logos by clicking the logo you’d like to change and selecting one from our vast library of logos available on the right. You can navigate the different categories or simply use the search bar at the top. Move them where you want them in real time, by dragging them on the displayed design. Adjust their size by clicking the logo and dragging the corners of the highlighted selection.

Choose from many extras such as our high quality Backyard Design dirt bike seat covers or a matte vinyl finish – all in one tool!

Looking to represent a brand unavailable in our database? No worries, we got you covered! With the “Custom Logo” function, you have the option to upload your own images and incorporate them into your design!

After placing an order with us, you’re presented a proof for your review. Here, you can double-check if everything is correct on your custom design and you have the option to release the proof for production or reach out to our designers to solve any issues and make final touches in correspondence with the team.

Can’t find your bike on our website? We’re constantly expanding our selection of bikes and designs to provide you with the latest models and coolest kits. Reach out to us! Perhaps yours is already up next!

Do you require our assistance? Our customer service representatives and design team are here to assist you in completing the look of your custom dirt bike graphics!


How to install dirt bike graphics

We got your back on this! With each dirt bike graphics kit order, you’ll receive a detailed step-by-step installation guide along with a graphics application card for easy air bubble removal.

Grab a heat gun (a regular hair dryer won’t do as our adhesive requires a certain level of heat to fully activate), some brake cleaner and a rag and you’re ready to go! Make sure to perform the application on properly cleaned plastics and in an at least room temperature environment. Give the adhesive 24 hours to settle on the plastics before taking them for a spin.

Looking for more information on how to apply dirt bike decals?Check out our online guide: How to apply graphics ?


Why choose Backyard Design?

We know all too well how difficult it can be to get those MX graphics that are just right. And being able to express your style at the track is not only fun, but an aspect of the sport that has gained more and more importance with riders everywhere.

With our configurator we want to give you the freedom to rock your own style at the track, the way you want it! There is nothing better than riding and looking good while doing so!

Having been founded by former pro riders Philipp Klakow and Jared Hicks, the demands for our vinyl were clear to meet the high standards of the sport and riders. Over the years, we took our business to a global scale and are proud to supply riders with custom motocross graphics worldwide.

Together with our team riders and partners we’ve been putting our custom-made vinyl to the test for years and developed a material that can keep up with you, so you can focus on what matters – the ride!

Through our state-of-the-art equipment, we provide you the most durable and easy-to-apply graphics available on the market – all in record time. Ordered today, shipped out tomorrow!


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