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CRF125 Graphics – Vivid and Exciting Designs for Young Riders

Pit bike racing is a competitive motorsport that is very similar to motocross. However, the racing genre is trendy among young riders. Thus, pit bikes such as the Honda CRF125 are less intimidating than full sized two-wheelers and require less upkeep. However, to protect the plastic of any young rider’s dirt bike, Backyard Design’s budget-friendly CRF125 graphics are a necessity.

We take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers of customizable CRF125 decals in the United States. Our premium sticker kits are the perfect outlet to let your child get creative. Discover, how passionate they are about the track. Since our online design studio is highly user-friendly, riders of all ages can get involved and lead with their imagination.

So, if you’re looking for some quality time to bond over bikes with your amateur rider, we can help you out! 

Added Resistance and Durability with CRF125 Graphics 

All seasoned riders know how thrilling it can be to get their first dirt bike. If you’re thinking of letting your youngster join in on the fun, don’t make any compromises on the experience. A tailored graphic kit for the Honda CRF125 not only improves the appearance of your pit bike but also increases its overall longevity. 

Riders understand how frequently riding on your bike can often get the best of its various components. This is especially true for learners just starting their pit biking journey. Backyard Design stickers were made with abrasion and weather resistance in mind, so no matter how rough the track or weather is, you can let your child ride without worrying about scuffs. 

You can count on a commitment-free aesthetic with a durable Honda CRF125 decal set from our collection. Since youngsters often outgrow their ideas, our adhesive comes off without glue residue or stains. This way, you can alter your stickers whenever you like. However, that’s not all. Our vinyl has bubble-release features that enable you to skip the professionals for installation. Anyone can add or remove their CRF125 graphics at home!

To improve your experience and provide a one-stop solution to all your sticker needs, our crew comprises biking specialists who are just as passionate about the sport. The technology and materials we use are industry-leading to ensure you can rely on us to elevate your bike’s appearance. 

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

As riders ourselves, we wanted to enable you to get as creative as you’d like with your child. Thus, to make the process as enjoyable and straightforward as possible, our design modifier has an extensive selection of hand-crafted templates. These presets let you achieve a factory-inspired look like star-factory pros Ken Roczen or Tim Gajser. However, if your little one wants to create something more detailed, our database also includes original designs to cater to the most unique minds. 

Backyard Design is the best place to start because our library contains over 2000 vivid color combinations, sponsor logos, and lettering. Riders can also individually tailor stickers for the fork guards, swingarm, shroud, and fenders of the CRF125.

Additionally, you can add detailing to the number plates or your name and rider number through the real-time preview. These subtle additions can be fascinating for young riders as they let them feel like they’re part of the big leagues. Next, our team generates an instant proof of the final design to verify your design. Then, our high-tech printing and color-match dyes take care of the technicalities. Your kit will be ready to be shipped off to you within just a business day. 

Every sticker is made-to-order and precisely cut to guarantee decals that fit like a glove. As a result, you can feel free to get as experimental as possible and create CRF125 graphics that stand out a mile. 

Small Wheels, Full-Size Power with the CRF125

If you’re looking for a new bike that will appeal to a broader age range and seat height adjustments, the CRF125 is your ride. The medium-sized variation is ideal for children between 9 and 11 years. However, the CRF125F big wheel has been adapted for taller riders and is also available at Honda dealer outlets.

The Honda CRF125 single cylinder four-stroke engine revs out efficient 124.9cc power, perfect for beginners. Furthermore, the advanced fuel injection system reduces harmful emissions and maximizes fuel efficiency. The fuel injection works with the CRF’s electric starter for maximum performance. In addition, the convenient push-button makes it easier to accelerate even in lower temperatures. 

With four speed transmission, 220mm hydraulic front wheel disc brakes, and Pro-Link suspension, the CRF125 delivers the perfect damping balance and spring performance. Less experienced riders are often harsher with their vehicles. Thus, the twin-spar steel frame was engineered to handle rough use while adding more comfort for young riders. 

Finished with CRF125 graphics, your young one’s bike will deliver a much-needed confidence boost to keep their head in the game!

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