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Design Your Own Motocross Helmet: Your Personal Look

Individuality is capitalized – especially for motorcyclists. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand is great to design your own motocross helmet. Would you also like to make the road unsafe with your individual look? Then our products are just for you!

Discover your possibilities at BACKYARD DESIGN. We will show you what is important when you want to design your motocross helmet and what advantages motorcycle helmet decor brings you.

How Important Is Motorcycle Helmet Decor?

A helmet is an essential accessory that accompanies you on every ride. It protects you from injuries to the head in the event of a fall. This is exactly why many people find it so important to design their own motocross helmet. When riding a motorcycle, you always wear your helmet. So, it’s an important feature that you can use to show off your sense of style.

However, as an integral part of your style, you should design your motocross helmet yourself so that it matches your bike. Both the color and the design should be right. This way, you can achieve a harmonious overall picture if you want to design your motocross helmet yourself!

How Can I Design My Motocross Helmet at BACKYARD DESIGN?

If you want to design your motocross helmet, you are at the right address at BACKYARD DESIGN. We are happy to help you express your individual style. But how does the motorcycle helmet decor at BACKYARD DESIGN work?

Before you can design your own motocross helmet, you must choose the right helmet size. We at BACKYARD DESIGN offer you the following options:

  • XS-S
  • M-L
  • XL-XXL

In addition, the first step is to choose the base of your helmet. Browse through our products and find the perfect basis for your own design. Whether white, gray, black, or already provided with a pattern, choose the one that suits you best. Do you have another helmet and want to provide it with self-designed stickers? This is also possible! You’ll have to customize your design and go into detail, but it’s worth it. Design your own motocross helmet now!

After selecting the helmet, you can get started and exhaust the range of possibilities. Choose a basic design. It will set the tone, so it is very important if you want to design your motocross helmet yourself.

Afterwards, it will become more detailed. Choose from numerous different designs to create your individual look. Take your time and click through our configurator. You’ll be amazed at the options that await you and how you can design your own motocross helmet!

4 Advantages of Motorcycle Helmet Decor at BACKYARD DESIGN

If you want to design your own motocross helmet, you have several options. While some rely on an elaborate paint job, at BACKYARD DESIGN you benefit from a particularly simple method: our motocross graphics are delivered to you in the form of stickers. These are easy and uncomplicated to apply, which saves you a lot of time and effort – in contrast to painting.

Did you know that painting a motocross helmet yourself can be a pretty bad idea? It requires quite a bit of know-how. But when it comes to foiling, the technique used at BACKYARD DESIGN, you can hardly go wrong. We have instructions ready for you, so that you can apply the stickers correctly when you want to design your motocross helmet!

If you decide to design your own motocross helmet at BACKYARD DESIGN, you will enjoy another advantage: we offer you an extremely high quality. When the stickers are applied, they have a firm hold and are robust and resistant. Thus, they are suitable for any ride.

Another advantage of using stickers as opposed to painting is that this process does not attack the surface of your helmet. Therefore, it is possible to remove the stickers again when you have had enough of the design. With a paint job, on the other hand, this is rather difficult.

What to Consider If You Want to Design a Motocross Helmet Yourself?

If you want to design your motocross helmet yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, after the foiling, it is probably no longer possible to make a valid warranty claim against the manufacturer. In this regard, you should inform yourself before you embellish your motorcycle helmet with decor.

In addition, you should take enough time and give it enough thought if you want to design your motocross helmet yourself. At BACKYARD DESIGN, there are a lot of choices, so there is a lot to discover. To find exactly the design that you will enjoy for a long time and that you like to wear, you should therefore put some effort into your decision. You will see: It’s worth it!

Design Your Own Motocross Helmet at BACKYARD DESIGN

Have you already made your machine a real eye-catcher and are now looking for ways to customize your outfit as well? BACKYARD DESIGN is the place to be if you want to design your own motocross helmet. We provide you with our intuitive online configurator so that your design will be exactly as you imagine it. Get motorcycle helmet decor, motocross rim stickers and more accessories to suit your personal preferences.

Do you have any questions about our products or any other request? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with our professional expertise and experience.

Reviews from our riders

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Ryan Villopoto
Ryan Villopoto
Rider since 2019

"Backyard graphics are made of seriously solid stuff. Most durable and solid graphics I ever rode and I can't even imagine riding anything else anymore! "

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Jake Weimer
Jake Weimer
Rider since 2020

"Best fitting graphics I've ever used! No need for any cutting or stretching the graphics and they stick perfectly. Make sure to properly activate the adhesive with a heat gun when installing. Same goes for removal or you might need a second set of strong arms to get them off. "

Backyard Design US Brand Ambassador Josh Grant
Josh Grant
Rider since 2020

"If you're searching for a set of fully customizable graphics look no further. The online configurator offers limitless possibilities and the widest selection of options to design your kits down to the smallest details. "

Black and White image of Josh Hansen
Josh Hansen
Teamrider since 2018

"I've always enjoyed working with Backyard Design. These guys are amazing at coming up with creative and original ideas and we've created tons of incredible designs together. Definitely the #1 choice for style! "

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