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Our Team

Meet the riders of the
BYD street crew!

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We welcome you to meet the riders of the Backyard Design street crew! We’re a close knit community that values the ties we’ve built to riders from all over the world! 


Discover who is part of the street crew and who represents Backyard Design internationally. See who rides for the BYD Team and assists riders nationally and internationally!

Our Street Crew

Riders like Sumo Olli, Braaap Love and Moto Dom are already rocking a BYD street kit and representing the crew! Take a look around and meet all of our riders! 

Mari & Viktor


Backyard Street DE Brand Ambassador

Braaap Love

Backyard Street DE Brand Ambassador @moto.dom



Backyard Street DE Brand Ambassador @locci.smecrew



Passion & chrome

Check out’s amazingly flashy chrome kits on her Instagram!

Teal and Purple Chrome 701 kit and Backyard Street rider

Living the bikelife!

Let locci.smecrew show you how colorful the bikelife can be! Discover his designs!


Wheelie all day

If wheelies and stunts are your thing make sure to check out tooqz_ on Instagram!

BYD Street Rider Tooqqz_ displaying his black and blue Yamaha graphics


Partners on the road

@mari_lionhearts_girl and @viktor_lionhearts_24 are partners that share their passion for riding with and through their crew @lion_hearts_official


All about riding

_._._mara_._._ hits the road and enduro trails in style! Check out his Instagram!