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CRF50 Graphics – Create Custom Designs for your Honda

Every great rider starts with their first bike, and the Honda CRF50 is the ideal choice for juniors! The bike is intended for children aged three and above; however, many adults also enjoy a custom CRF50 in the pit, despite its petite size. With a balanced combination of features such as its smooth four stroke engine and automatic clutch, riders can concentrate on learning how to maneuver without worrying about stalling.

However, kids are all about fun and creativity. A kid’s dirt bike would be incomplete without their name or favorite champion logos on it. While how powerful the bike remains at your discretion, your child should be able to put their imagination to use. Involve your young ones in the shopping experience to get them even more excited about their first bike.

Our configurator tool allows you to get creative with your child and encourage them to use their imagination. So, if you’re ready to get the training wheels out and create a custom CRF50 graphics kit, you’re just one click away.

Child’s Play with Unlimited Graphic Choices

Depending on your child’s vision for their CRF50 graphics, you count on the Backyard Design configurator to help you make it come to life. Young riders learn better when they are more engaged with the design process. Our database offers many design options, from factory inspired looks to completely unique Honda CRF 50 graphics.

Kids can personalize their color and logo choices for a one-of-a-kind graphics kit. In addition, you can adjust the look of the fenders, number plates, and fork guard, amongst more. Upgrading these plastic components with our vinyl stickers also increases durability and scratch resistance. Don’t worry if your child outgrows their bike! Our easy to adhere decals can be removed and replaced within minutes without any damage.

We understand how important fit and feel are, especially for younger or inexperienced riders. Regardless of the rider’s skill level, Backyard Design provides meticulous attention to detail when it comes to creating customized kits for your Honda CRF50. This helps us encourage children to enjoy the sport as much as possible while developing their skills.

Create a Work of Art with custom CRF50 graphics at Backyard Design

When it comes to a great graphic kit, we at Backyard Design know how to cater to all your needs. Aside from a plethora of personalization options, we guarantee timely delivery, uncompromised quality, and premium vinyl graphics that will help set your young rider apart. Our expert team can help you create the perfect CRF50 accessories kit in no time.

So, are you ready to make a work of art out of your child’s dirt bike? Get started with one of our pre-designed graphic kits above.

The Perfect First Bike

Honda CRF bikes are considered top of the line, and the CRF 50 is no exception. Regarded as an excellent introductory dirt bike for small children, as long as your child can ride a bicycle, they’re good to get started. Despite the CRF50 being one of the smallest racing bikes, enormous adventure possibilities are something you can count on with a Honda! The CRF50 is one of the most effective ways to teach children how to get past obstacles at ease.

The custom CRF50 features an air-cooled four stroke engine and semi-automatic speed transmission. Furthermore, the smooth transmission comes with three different gear ratios. Therefore, the Honda CRF 50 is pretty much free of frustration and hassles as long as you take care of it.

An adjustable throttle limiter and keyed ignition help keep young riders from getting into trouble for riding without supervision! In addition, you can control the CRF50F’s power output so that your child can learn at their own pace.

Learning to shift is also a breeze since there are no clutch levers; thus, you never have to be concerned about stalling. Depending on how quickly your child grows, you can usually count on a CRF50 as a long-term investment and get a few years out of the bike before upgrading.

The Honda CRF50 is an effective learning tool that simultaneously creates a bonding opportunity and a never-ending source of fun! While the bike is currently only available in original factory colors, Backyard Design can help you create a CRF50 graphics kit to make it even more memorable!

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