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You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.

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TC 85 Graphics – Step up your MX game with a set of custom decals

The Husqvarna TC 85 gives young learners an exceptional platform to gradually develop their skills and become a moto-pro! Tailored for young teens with two-wheel size options, your bike should be about having fun and expressing individuality. Backyard Design has you covered with TC 85 graphics that can be customized to match your aesthetic. 

Any bike would feel like an empty canvas without its rider’s name or vivid designs. Even if you have complete control over how fast your teen rides, including them in the design process of their Husqvarna TC 85 graphics kit gets them even more thrilled about hitting the track with you.

Using the Backyard Design studio, you may personalize your graphic kit down to the smallest detail. So, if you’re ready to explore the thrill of biking, you’re only a click away from a complete overhaul. 

Bring Your TC 85 Graphics Goals to Life

While decals do not contribute to acceleration or ability, youngsters are fascinated by the looks of their two-wheeler. A one-of-a-kind TC 85 graphics kit is the biggest of hits among amateurs as it provides them with a reason to look forward and enjoy their ride. Creating vibrant stickers that reflect your identity is an instant yet affordable appearance and self-esteem booster. 

Our vinyl decals are an excellent investment to bring it up to date with current trends if you’re thinking about hauling your dirt bike. We offer a broad selection of graphics, colors, and finishes to choose from. Backyard Design allows you to portray your unique style. Our predesigned templates are a great starting point even if you are looking for more professional-looking Husqvarna TC 85 graphics to impress sponsors.

For riders wanting a more detailed or exclusive design, you can customize our various designs from scratch. Aside from giving you the power to become your own designer, our graphic kits are made of high-quality vinyl. This printing material serves as a protective barrier for your TC 85, preventing chips, dents, and scratches. This is an essential feature for beginners. You no longer have to worry about repairing your plastics again and again.

Don’t settle for less, and instead, choose Backyard Design for unrivaled quality, turnaround time, and overall value! 

Take the Leap and Get Creative

Is your teenager ready to take over the track on their own? Backyard Design’s graphic kit configurator lets riders make changes to their bike plastics to cater to their preferences. You have thousands of typefaces, color palettes, and licensed logos at your disposal. But that’s not all. 

Your bike plastics are engineered to deliver outstanding strength at a lower weight. High-performance bikes such as the Husqvarna TC 85 rely on these components to make them as efficient and secure as possible. Thus, you can personalize our designs to fit your bike model seamlessly. This includes stickers for the shroud, swingarm, fenders, and number plates of the TC 85. 

With a superior Husqvarna TC 85 graphics kit from our collection, you can feel free to switch your look up at any moment. Because our kits are designed with bubble and residue preventing technology, our stickers are also easy to remove. Moreover, you can skip hefty professional fees and install your decals yourself in minutes. 

It takes our team one business day or less to get back to you with a final proof and recommendations after you confirm your order. Each order is made-to-order so that we can guarantee flawless results! Thanks to state-of-the-art printing, 3D preview, and other intuitive features, we can create an accurate recreation of what you have in mind. 

Keep Levelling Up with the Husqvarna TC 85

Riding skills and confidence gradually build up over time as riders progress from mini-bikes to full-size motocross two-wheelers. The Husqvarna TC 85 is one such bike that bridges the gap between junior and pro ranks. Highly adaptable in the hands of youth riders, the bike features modern hardware and the most up-to-date engine for smooth performance.

With a FORMULA hydraulic system, the diaphragm spring clutch always compensates for play remaining the same under all riding conditions. Additionally, the die-cast crankcases reduce weight and improve handling by aligning the shaft arrangements closer to the center of gravity.

The two-stroke 85cc engine configuration appeals to adolescents with controllable but robust power delivery. Fitted with WP XACT forks and PDS rear shock, small bumps, and rough terrain are no problem for the TC 85. Moreover, the suspension settings can be adapted for better damping and torque control. 

Backyard Design Husqvarna TC 85 graphics are a compelling way to add some flair to the Swedish-inspired white, grey, and neon yellow graphics! 

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