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Husqvarna TE 125 Graphics Kit – Entirely Customizable Designs for your Bike 

The Husqvarna TE 125 packs a powerful 40-horsepower punch and unparalleled agility despite its compact stature. This two-stroker is ideal for beginners and seasoned professionals. The two-stroker outperforms other bikes within its class thanks to its advanced build and technology. It’s time to add a personal touch to your Husqvarna TE. Switch things up with premium graphics.

As one of the leading decals manufacturers, our exclusive collection of Husqvarna TE 125 graphics kit options will have you outranking the competition in a split second. An exhilarating bike like the TE 125 deserves a stellar look that portrays its stealth and our online modifier makes this a reality. With thousands of visual options to choose from, the opportunities are boundless!  

Protection for your Husqvarna TE 125

In addition to its aesthetic value, a Backyard Design graphic kit can help extend the lifespan of your off-roader. A dirt bike, such as the Husqvarna TE125, is at a disadvantage when it comes to rough tracks and bumpy terrain. This is because your bike plastics can get scratched or wither over time due to scuffing. If you are a frequent rider, this further increases your bike’s risk of physical damage. 

However, did you know that Backyard Design graphics have been tested on bikes used in races to deliver unrivaled quality? Our expert team of motocross buffs is already well-acquainted with what the track requires. Therefore, the printing vinyl we use is industry-leading; it remains firmly adhered and picture-perfect no matter the riding conditions. 

Each sticker is finished with UV-resistant laminate, reinforcing our stickers’ protective characteristics. The finishing prevents fading. This means, you can count on Backyard Design for long-lasting stickers that look vibrant for years to come. Despite being extremely affordable, our decals can be fully personalized to cater to your preferences. 

For user ease, Backyard Design glue eliminates residue and air bubbles. Even amateurs can apply and remove their stickers. And all in the comfort of their house. Your Husqvarna TE 125 graphics kit can be peeled right off without chipping the factory paints. Revamp your looks whenever you are ready. 

Unforgettable Vibrant Visuals and More

If you are unsure how to begin, our team has expertly crafted the decal sets above for your bike. Your options include official Husqvarna team and track-inspired designs. Of course, we also offer a variety of entirely original creations. You can tailor your graphics down to the detail.  Our production processes employ a print-to-order model to guarantee accurate results. Our graphics are cut to handmade templates for a seamless fit. We offer designs for all models, from the 2014, 2015 Husqvarna TE 125 and onwards. You can also find decals for Acerbis and UFO plastics. 

At Backyard Design, our goal is to make personalizations affordable and accessible. Thus, we try to exceed expectations with our user-friendly interface, unmatched customer service, and record delivery times. But there’s more. 

Our visuals library contains thousands of graphics, logos, and color combinations, so you can get as creative as you’d like. Let your inner-aficionado shine through to modify a design that showcases your unique personality traits. Moreover, you can mix and match different designs, gradients, and artwork to create something truly bespoke. 

Every graphic kit has enduro-grade vinyl stickers for high-wear areas of your bike. This includes the number plates, fork guards, swingarm, and fenders, among other plastic parts. In addition, riders can add their name or choose numbers to ensure their identity is visible from a mile away. Instead of purchasing a complete set, you can also choose which areas of your bike you’d like to add stickers. 

We have also curated ribbed seat covers to compliment your Husqvarna TE 125 graphics kit. Our premium coverings come in various color hues and patterns to pull every aspect of your bike together. In addition, for the ultimate customization experience, our modifier is constantly updated with new designs, so your choices are never-ending. 

Epitome of Agility: The Husqvarna TE125 

Putting its latest 2-stroke single cylinder engine to use, the Husqvarna TE 125 revs out high performance, superior torque, and advanced components. Considered a genuine challenger for riders of all levels, the dirt bike has been through thorough research and development. This sets the TE 125 apart from other contenders within the 125cc class. 

The outstanding damping characteristics are owed to its WP XACT split air fork legs and rear shock. Because of the 4Cs fork, rebound and rider feedback are optimized for a smooth experience. The industry-leading BREMBO hydraulic and rear brake systems space out maintenance time further by adapting themselves as per riding conditions. As a result, the Husqvarna TE125 can churn out countless hours of championship-winning racing. 

Moreover, the TE125 comes with a MIKUNI TMX carburetor, ProTaper handlebar, and PANKL speed transmission. These features ensure you never tire out, even if you have already crossed the finish line. Inspired by its Swedish heritage, the blue and white bodywork and ergonomics are tailored for control and adaptability. Leave your mark on your bike with Husqvarna TE 125 graphics from Backyard Design made to wow. 

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