Design your MX Graphic Kit Kawasaki KX 250

Design your own MX Graphic Kit Kawasaki KX 250 2003-2008 yourself now.
Choose one of our base designs to get started with and customize it the way you like it.
You can customize every color, every logo of the design and add your name and number.

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Fits your:MX Graphic Kit Kawasaki KX 250 2003-2008
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You will be able to customize every aspect starting with the design shown.
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Upgrade Your Bike with Custom KX250 Graphics 


The Kawasaki KX 250 is synonymous with winning. Known as one of the most popular 250cc two-stroke bikes, this dirt bike remains a top choice amongst motocross enthusiasts. Paired with our customizable KX250 graphics, you’ll be ready to set the track ablaze in no time!


Regardless of your riding level, customizing your bike’s appearance with a graphic kit is a great way to make your ride look more unique. Our wide variety of designs and logos have something for everyone! But did you know that Backyard Design stickers are so much more than aesthetics?


Design your Own Premium KX250 Graphics


Modifying your dirt bike with our KX250 graphics has never been easier. Through our online design configurator, you can select and design custom decals for all Kawasaki KX models from 2003 to 2008 KX250s.


Motocross is our passion, and we understand it can be a physically demanding sport. Backyard Design MX restyling graphics are made using the highest quality vinyl technology for added durability. Our decals act as additional protection and durability for your bike plastics as they prevent scuffs, scratches, and dents. Riders can achieve maximum performance without having to worry about wear and tear.


Our state-of-the-art adhesion prevents air bubbles and ensures your graphic kit sticks firmly. Our vinyl offers unmatched longevity without your stickers peeling off or fading. Moreover, our stickers are easy to apply and remove without professional help. You don’t have to worry about scrubbing adhesion residue when you are ready to move on to your next kit. Our decals are engineered to come off without leaving a trace behind on your original plastics.


The result is affordable decal stickers without compromising quality. Thus, if you are looking for your next set of bespoke KX 250 graphics, you’re in for a treat!


A Whole New Bike Aesthetic


Riders can customize stickers for various parts of their bike plastics through the Backyard Design graphic configurator. Each kit includes decals to cover your bike’s fork guard, number plates, shrouds, front and rear fenders and swing arms for a cohesive look. Furthermore, our decals are compatible with the Acerbis, Polisport, and UFO OEM and restyle plastic kits, so you don’t have to look elsewhere for the perfect fit.


Through our collaboration and personal history with professional motocross, we have created a plethora of factory-inspired and one-of-a-kind templates to help you get started. Each preset can be customized further with personal information like your rider name or number so that you are unforgettable on the track.


Mix and match the various typefaces, color combinations, and official sponsor logos till you are satisfied with the 3D view of your design. Additionally, our ribbed seat covers can help create a cohesive and complete restyling kit that matches throughout. This way, you can tailor your bike down to the tiniest detail, no matter the extent of personalization.


To guarantee a perfect fit, every design is thoroughly checked by our team of professionals. Once you approve the instant-proof of your KX250 graphics, Backyard Design will print and ship your kit within record time. Finally, all you have to do is install your decals on your bike to upgrade even an older 2003 KX250 restyle kit instantly.


What better way to showcase your personality than with an original kit Kawasaki doesn’t offer? Backyard Design KX250 graphics have you covered.


Pro Motocross with the Kawasaki KX250 


The Kawasaki KX 250 has won numerous championships with operational input from Pro Circuit leader Mitch Payton and motocross legend James Stewart. Although the KX250 had no recent updates, it remains a competitive beast within its class.


Powered by a 249cc two or four-stroke engine depending on the release year, the motorcycle can deliver high rev limits and low-to-mid range power. This combination gives riders the upper hand on even the roughest of terrain.


The optimized exhaust and bridged-box bottom piston further improve engine performance. With power braking and race-ready suspension from models like the KX125, KX250 maintains efficiency and reliability with minimum mechanical loss. What’s more is that its lightweight aluminum body frame boosts rider confidence through quick-handling, stability, and comfortable ergonomics. A relaxed riding position and movement are crucial for connecting riders with their bike’s potential.


Kawasaki’s signature factory-style radiate and assert the KX250’s award-winning potential. The sleek bodywork and graphics include a gold finish with black rims and a green finish for that distinctive Kawaski look.


What better way to stand out a mile every time you hit the track than with KX250 graphics? Backyard Design decals are a one-click, affordable way to explore your creative skills and outshine your competitors.

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