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TM 4T Graphics for Your Four-Stroke Marvel

Italian bike manufacturer TM is your go-to for all your enduro needs. The brand’s four-stroke displacements are available in 250, 400, 450, and 530cc variations. TM is looking to cater to all riders, regardless of their level. At Backyard Design, you can find an endless variety of customizable TM 4T graphics for all models within the range! 

It has never been simpler to give your four-stroker a visible advantage over your rivals. For example, when it comes to customized TM 300 4T graphics, our stellar decals set the industry standard for quality and affordability. Moreover, investing in custom-made decals can do wonders for your bike’s appearance.

Through our online personalization tool, you can create custom graphics for a variety of 4T models from TM Racing. You should have no trouble finding decals that complement your aesthetic through our website! Regardless of whether you enjoy riding as a weekend leisure rider or competitive racer, 

Easy-to-Use TM 4T Graphics Modifier

Our graphic kit design studio is simple to use and facilitates a variety of customization options. These TM 4T graphics can be tailored with some of the finest visuals available on the market. Age, artistic experience, and ability are never restrictions at Backyard Design, as virtually anyone can design their own kit. 

The pro-league-inspired templates showcased above were developed by industry experts and can be changed as you like in 3D view. This way, we can guarantee the result looks exactly as you expect. The most exciting bit is that our configurator gives you endless resources to design a graphic kit that looks just as fantastic as your favorite rider’s.

You can choose from thousands of colors, patterns, fonts, and sponsor logo options to tailor your stickers to the detail. Each decal is made-to-order to fit the proportions of your dirt bike accurately. Riders can add precision-cut stickers to the shrouds, fork guards, fenders, and number plates of their TM MX bike. 

In addition, racers can input personal data such as their rider number or name in sporty fonts. You can reposition the numerous visual aspects of your TM 250 4T graphics, for instance, on your dirt bike, so it aligns with your persona. 

To elevate your customization experience, we’ve added a variety of extras. Choose from special colors, finishes or fork stickers or mini plates.

Why Do We Recommend Graphic Kits for All TM 4T Bikes? 

We aim to live up to our reputation for exemplary quality and reasonable prices. This is why our team is comprised of only MX enthusiasts who bring their passion and experience to the table. For enhanced longevity, our durable vinyl eliminates air bubbles and peeling. Additionally, each sticker is completed with an advanced laminate that boosts the strength and lifespan of your TM 4T graphics.

After confirming your order, we’ll review the layout and make necessary adjustments to ensure every decal fits your bike like a glove. Then, following the approval of the final proof, it only takes a few days to print and ship your decals from start to finish! 

Did you know our stickers can be applied and removed from your bike surface without leaving any residue or stains behind? Therefore, whenever and as frequently as you’d like, you can alter the appearance of your two-wheeler. 

But there’s more. Even though there are a plethora of options available, Backyard Design custom graphics pay attention to the exact details to ensure flawless results. Our advanced printing method uses layers of vibrant ink that do not lose their vibrancy with heavy use. 

Moreover, while damage from scratches and debris is unavoidable when racing, you can maintain your bike’s pristine condition with our decals. The stickers act as a protective barrier against the perils of the track and general wear and tear. Consequently, your bike will always look brand new!

Backyard Design is the best place to begin if you need an extra booster to keep you focused on the track.

TM Enduro Benchmark

TM Racing is known for its genre-specific two and four-stroke bikes that never cease to amaze onlookers. The modest Italian manufacturers boast their high-end, boutique two-wheelers. However, only true enthusiasts can appreciate the attention to detail and innovative components used in producing these bikes. 

The brand has set a benchmark in racing by sharing its tech features across all its bikes, regardless of power output. The hydraulic and suspension controls can be adapted for improved chassis stability. Similarly, the electric and map switches give riders complete control over their power output and acceleration. 

Furthermore, the balancer shaft paired with the TMEES exhaust system reduces engine vibrations for a comfortable ride, no matter how long your adventure may be. Backyard Design TM 4T graphics are the perfect supplement to add some pizazz to the monochromatic color scheme of the bike. 

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