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Seatcovers are back in stock

Seatcovers for the 2024 models are available!

Your stock seatcover is slippier than soap? Stop slipping and get the grip your butt deserves!

We took some time to work on the fitment to make it even easier for you to install your fresh cover!

Further to that we added new colors and bikes to give you the ultimate freedom to create the bike of your dreams!

You’re one of the lucky one with a new 2024 KX450, Stark Varg, GasGas or YZ250F? We got some good news and added seatcovers for those bikes to our shop! Get the grip you really deserve

Kawasaki KX450 2024 seatcover with black and white accents
Red and white Honda CRF seatcover
White Seatcover for a Yamaha YZ450F 2024